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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Beat the Elite Four

Perhaps the most traditional search in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has players follow a familiar path: defeating the Gym Leaders in the Paldea region and becoming strong enough to challenge the Elite Four, the most challenging Pokémon Trainers available in the game. Unlike previous titles, however, players can swap their team of pocket monsters between each of the four battles that take place during this event. While the Elite Four still features a considerable balance within their high-tier themed teams that can be hard to predict without some degree of consideration due to the inclusion of Pokémon Terastallization, a new feature this Generation.


Once the players successfully pass the interview given by the first member of the Elite Four, Rikathey will start the sequence of battles with their team of land type Pokemon. Beating Rika leads to the next trainer, Poppyand his defensive group of types of steel. A familiar face follows that battle as larry returns to face the player, using a squad of flying type Pokémon while the final opponent, hasselfinish off the Elite Four with powerful dragon types. While each of these types featured has clear weaknesses that players have learned to exploit throughout the game, the transformations into tera shapes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet add another layer to these battles that change the expected results.

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Combine grass and water to knock down Rika

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Rika about to transform Tera her Ace Clodsire in Elite Four Battle

Each member of the Elite Four varies their team with interesting dual-type Pokémon to cover ordinary handicaps. Rika exemplifies this by having two direct counters for grass type pokemonit usually does well against its ground-types. cameroup and his ace, clodsire, they respectfully possess Fire-type and Poison-type as their second trait, both of which resist Grass-type attacks. However, players don’t have to worry about Clodsire using offensive Poison-type moves, as Toxic is that Pokemon’s only relationship to the alternate type. When looking to defeat Rika, players should consider bringing both water type and Plant-type creatures Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for the best chance of defeating this member of the Elite Four.

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Players should also take into account how electric type attacks do not affect Ground-type Pokémon. Instead, they’re just a detriment against Rika, as her Pokemon automatically deal super effective damage against that type. Similarly, Poison/Rock-type moves will have minimal effect on anyone on Rika’s team except Camerupt, whose Fire-type will only cause her to take normal damage. Steel, Fairy, and Bug-type Pokémon can also take heavy damage from specific enemies; Rika wields the abnormally high attack power of most ground types.

Pokemon Typing move list weaknesses
whiskey (Level 57) Soil/Water
  1. Snow storm
  2. The power of the earth
  3. muddy water
  4. future vision
cameroup (Level 57) fire/ground type pokemon
  1. Fire explosion
  2. flash cannon
  3. Yawn
  4. Fire explosion
dugtrio (Level 57) Land
  1. Earthquake
  2. rock slide
  3. Sandstorm
  4. Sucker Punch
Donfan (Level 57) Land
  1. iron head
  2. stone edge
  3. Earthquake
  4. poison strike
Tera Clodsire (Level 58) Poison/Ground
  1. Toxic
  2. Settlement
  3. To protect
  4. Earthquake
  • Grass
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Land
  • Psychic

Shoot Poppy’s steel types

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Poppy Member of the Elite Four who specializes in Steel-type Pokémon

The Elite Four member with the most dual-types, Poppy has Steel-types that dabble in Psychic-type, Flying-type, Electric-type, and even Fairy-type, giving her a team with wide coverage. Players looking to progress through this group of trainers should be aware of the constant weaknesses of the high defense Steel type, fire type pokemon. High special attack moves on pocket monsters, like Skeledirge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, are highly effective against Poppy. Despite the Steel-type’s immunity to Poison-type attacks, players have a better chance of bringing a wider variety of Pokemon types than in the previous battle, including Electric, Dark, Ground, Fighting, and Ghost-types.

Pokemon Typing move list weaknesses
copperjah (Level 58) Steel
  1. High power
  2. rough play
  3. stealth rock
  4. heavy blow
magnezona (Level 58) Electric/Steel
  1. Backlight
  2. triple attack
  3. flash cannon
  4. Download
  • Fire
  • Struggle
  • Earth (x4)
crowknight (Level 58) Flying/Steel
  1. body press
  2. brave bird
  3. iron head
  4. iron defense
bronzong (Level 58) Psychic/Steel
  1. rock explosion
  2. zen headbutt
  3. Earthquake
  4. iron head
Tera Tinkato (Level 59) Fairy/Steel
  1. gigaton hammer
  2. stone edge
  3. rough play
  4. break brick

Freeze Larry’s team flyers

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Larry Elite Four battle about to have Tera transform her Pokémon Ace Flamigo

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types of ice they are the best choice to finish off the intense speed of Larry’s five Flying-type Pokémon, barring badly paired Dual-types like Snom in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Not a single Pokémon on Larry’s team in Elite Four is a pure type, instead he has many creatures with variations in other categories. While ambitious trainers may be tempted to use electric types to provide an additional counter, Larry’s altars Y tropius both mitigate a lot of the damage that would usually leave pure Flying-types at zero HP.

Players should also enter this battle with due caution, as several of Larry’s Pokemon have access to Fighting/Fire-type moves that would deal super effective damage to Ice-types that come into battle. Also, melee and flamethrower are big threats from Larry’s staraptor, flamingY altarsso players are advised to have Pokémon with high defensive stats to survive these brutal attacks or even higher Speed ​​to move first during battle.

Pokemon Typing move list weaknesses
tropius (Level 59) Grass/Flying
  1. beam of sunlight
  2. air cut
  3. Sunny day
  4. dragon pulse
  • Fire
  • Ice (x4)
  • Poison
  • Flying
oricorio (Level 59) Electric/Flying
  1. Revelation Dance
  2. wobbly dance
  3. icy wind
  4. air cut
staraptor (Level 59) Normal/Flying
  1. Facade
  2. Thief
  3. melee combat
  4. brave bird
altars (Level 59) Flying Dragon
  • Flamethrower
  • make ice
  • moon burst
  • dragon pulse
  • Ice (x4)
  • Rock
  • Continue
  • Fairy
Tera Flamigo (Level 60) fight/fly
  • brave bird
  • melee combat
  • Settlement
  • throat chop
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Flying
  • Psychic
  • Fairy

Fight Dragon with Dragon Against Hassel

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Hassel Elite Four Member about to Tera Type their Ace Baxcalibur

The latest member of the Elite Four carries powerful Dragon-types, including a couple of Pokemon that could be considered pseudo-legendary, such as Haxorus Y baxcalibur in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The most risky battle between the Elite Four; players have the best chance of beating Hassel when he wields the same weapons he uses through Pokemon with Dragon-type moves. While Fairy-/Ice-types are also acceptable to give players an advantage, several of Hassel’s Pokémon cover these weaknesses with Steel- and Poison-type moves. This final battle against the League President tests players more than ever as they try to win. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Elite Four, but a persevering team of strong counters at the right level can ensure victory.

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Pokemon Typing move list weaknesses
noivern (Level 60) Flying Dragon
  1. dragon pulse
  2. hypervoice
  3. air cut
  4. Super Fang
  • Ice (x4)
  • Continue
  • Rock
  • Fairy
Haxorus (Level 60) Continue
  1. Dragon claw
  2. iron head
  3. rock tomb
  4. Crunch
flap (Level 60) Dragon/Grass
  1. leech seed
  2. seed bomb
  3. dragon rush
  4. air ace
  • Ice (x4)
  • Poison
  • Flying
  • Insect
  • Continue
  • Fairy
dragalge (Level 60) Dragon/Poison
  1. Mud bomb
  2. Ray
  3. Water Pump
  4. dragon pulse
  • Ice
  • Land
  • Psychic
  • Continue
Tera Baxcalibur (Level 61) Dragon/Ice
  1. Glaive Rush
  2. break brick
  3. clash of icicles
  4. ice shard
  • Struggle
  • Rock
  • Continue
  • Steel
  • Fairy

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