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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How To Find (& Catch) Chi-Yu

Players can find the Ruinous Legendary goldfish Chi-Yu behind a sealed door in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, providing a rare post-game encounter.

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Of the four Ruinous Legendary Pokémon that players can encounter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the dark and fire type Chi-Yu harbors perhaps the most amount of exploration needed compared to its counterparts by breaking the seal of the FirescourgeShrine that contains it. Spawning at a staggering level 60, players will need to assemble an appropriate team if they wish to capture this rare Pokémon. With a ferocious ability that blows through a player’s pocket monster list defenses with ease, finding Chi-Yu is just one part of this challenging post-game section.


The Region of Paldea welcomes eight blue sinister stakes which players must interact with to unlock the door containing Chi-Yu. In the same vein as the other Ruinous Legendaries, Chi-Yu’s Ominous Stakes are only present after defeating the main narrative of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Although most of the blue bets are present in the North Y East provinces of Paldea, some outliers require players to remember certain landmarks within the open world.

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Blue Sinister Stake Locations to Catch Chi-Yu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Sealed gate of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Blue from Ominous Stakes containing the legendary Pokémon Chi-Yu



Blue Sinister Stake #1

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South of a river that flows east of Glazed Mountainon top of a grassy hill in the Northern Province of area one.

Blue Sinister Stake #2

At the top of a cliff between Glazed Mountain and a small lake.

Blue Sinister Stake #3

next to a tree inside tagtree thicket on a cliff north of the river.

Blue Sinister Stake #4

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near south of Glazed Mountain where players can find Pokemon Scarlet and VioletIce-type Pokémon on a grassy cliff between two trees.

Blue Sinister Stake #5

northeast of Lavincia Town next to a tree on a cliff in the eastern province of area two.

Blue Sinister Stake #6

At the eastern end of the Paldea map, in the Northern Province of area twowhere the ruins lie north of a river.

Blue Sinister Stake #7

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Near the main tree on a cliff northeast of the Northern Province Pokémon Center (Area Two).

Blue Sinister Stake #8

On a cliff leading to the jagged black peak of waterfalls of fury.

Fire Plague Shrine

Inside a cave south of waterfalls of furybetween the Team Star base and the river in area 2.

When players open the Fire Plague Shrine and confront Chi-Yu, they are quickly exposed to her ruin accounts Ability, which reduces your Pokémon’s Special Defense stat by 25%. Typically resisted by this stat that excuses Tera Types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the fire and dark type moves that Chi-Yu prioritizes become much more effective in conjunction with this trait. Therefore, players who find Chi-Yu and wish to capture the Legendary should be prepared with a team of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that takes advantage of the weaknesses of Pokémon, particularly those of the Water, Ground, Fighting or Rock types.

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    Pokémon returns in its next installment series: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Now set in a fictional location based on Mediterranean Spain, players will traverse the land of Paldea as they continue to catch classic and new Pokémon from the series. New to this entry are unique Pokémon that can transform into vehicles, allowing players to traverse the world through new means, helping with Scarlet and Violet’s new open-world approach. Players can take on Gym Battles in any order they like, with enemies scaling to their level as they go. Scarlet and Violet also introduce online cooperative exploration and a new battle feature known as Terastallize.

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