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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ tributes to each other for their fourth wedding anniversary are so pure

In a testament to how quickly time flies, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrated their fourth (!!!!) wedding anniversary on their Instagrams today. The two tied the knot in a lavish multi-day celebration in India just months after they began dating in May 2018.

The couple, who welcomed their first daughter Malti via surrogate in January, celebrated their latest milestone by sharing simple but adored captions alongside photos from their wedding day.

“And so 4 years have passed. ❤️ happy anniversary my love. @priyankachopra,” Jonas wrote.

“Find yourself a guy who will remind you every day that you are loved. Happy anniversary babe. ❤️,” Chopra wrote along with a photo of them dancing.

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Chopra opened up last December about what makes her and Jonas’s marriage work so well after a few years. “I think just being honest and needing each other’s company, obviously,” Chopra said. “Communication, having fun with each other. I think that’s the most important key, is to be able to enjoy each other’s company and just have a good time. And it doesn’t feel like work.”

He addressed his communication style in November 2021, especially when work takes them apart. “We talk all the time,” Chopra said of Jonas. “We know each other’s hearts. We put each other first in everything we do. We have had individual careers, and we are both very clear that we will never interfere in each other’s professional lives because we are always partners and active. We will have an opinion about the other; we’ll be each other’s champions, but those decisions are predominantly for both of us to make because we’ve built our careers on our own for a long time. But I think at the same time, it’s really important to monitor the other person’s heart and how they’re feeling and prioritize that, and I have to say my husband is amazing at doing that.”

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