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Project: Playtime – Survivor Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)

Playing as Survivor in Project Playtime balances tricky puzzle solving and survival strategies against the monster that seeks to avoid escaping.

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The asymmetrical horror of the multiplayer game Project: Playtime sees six players take on the role of survivors, who must use different tricks and strategies to overcome the dangers presented by a singular monster that tries to stop them from building a giant toy that will allow them to escape the area. With one of three types of monsters chasing the Survivors at all times, it can be difficult for players to avoid this adversary long enough to build their save item. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources for Survivors to distract or slow down their monstrous enemies as they try to solve the puzzles needed to create toy pieces.


The best strategies for playing as a Survivor involve use the holes to revive teammates often, fleeing to spaces where the monster cannot followY change the camera perspective to avoid surprises. While it may not seem as crucial as other features in the game, the first-person camera angle commonly used by Survivors can actively hinder a player’s line of sight when attacked by Project: PlaytimeThe monsters and their abilities. By switching between a third-person perspective and a frontal angle shown behind the player, the monster is less likely to sneak up unannounced on a team of attentive Survivors.

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Tips and Tricks for Beginner Survivors in Project: Playtime

Project: Playtime survivors near the train station to escape in Huggy Wuggy Outfits Screenshot from player perspective

One tool that Survivor players will often find essential when trying to outrun the monster is their grab hands, capable of clinging and swinging through specific railings over large spaces gaining distance from a pursuer. Other aspects of a map’s environment, including collapsible crash doors which close when players lower the blinds, are designed to cut spaces against the monster, forcing it to take alternate routes. Survivors can also use areas of the map to their advantage, deliberately designed to provide safety against larger monsters like Huggy Wuggy in Project: Playtimewith low hanging ceilings or narrow corridors.

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When a Survivor is knocked down by a monster, they are taken to a hole within the level, where they must fend off multiple defective toys resembling monsters that come out of the pipes around them. With six targets for the monster, players only have three hearts that they are lost one at a time for each instance that they end up in this unfortunate place. Other Survivors can extend their arms through these holes to “reviveanother player, while the monster may be distracted by someone else, which encourages a team to keep their fellow Survivors awake for as long as possible through this rescue system.

While there are simple strategies that utilize everything the Survivor can do in the terrifying encounters that are prevalent in Project: Playtimethe best way to beat a cunning monster involves dividing and conquering separate puzzle. Grouping up in pairs instead of as a full party provides support for at least one other Survivor without telegraphing each player’s location to the monster at the same time. Since various parts of the toy need to be built before players can call the train to escapekeeping the monster confused about the whereabouts of a Survivor should still be a primary strategy when collaborating as a group on Project: Playtime.

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