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PS Blog Game of the Year Awards 2022: voting is now open

Voting is now open for the 2022 PS Blog Game of the Year Awards. These awards are driven entirely by player choice, so cast your vote to nominate your favorite PlayStation games from the last year. The 16 categories recognize the best of PlayStation through 2022, celebrating great games, captivating new characters, fantastic soundtracks, graphic showcases and much more.

As always, there are some rules for the categories and their nominees:

  • Each category includes a write option in case there is a missing title that you think should be considered.
  • Due to the closing date of the surveys, some titles are not eligible for inclusion.
  • As with most other categories, Best Multiplayer Experience focuses on titles released in 2022, while Best Game In Progress focuses on games that have seen significant new content or game-changing updates over the past year.
  • If a title earned a Platinum in a category any previous year, it will not be eligible for inclusion in the same category this year. As such, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which won last year’s Most Anticipated Game, is not included in that category’s race this year.
  • Polls are live now and close on Wednesday, December 14 at 11:59 p.m. PT, so scroll below and click. We will compile the results and announce the winners later this month.

Good luck to all the nominees!

PlayStation Blog 2022 Best New Character

PlayStation Blog 2022 Best Story

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2022 PlayStation Blog Best PlayStation Graphic Showcase

2022 PlayStation Blog Best Art Direction

PlayStation Blog 2022 Best Audio Design

2022 PlayStation Blog Soundtrack of the Year

PlayStation Blog 2022 Best Accessibility Features

2022 PlayStation Blog Best Use of DualSense

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PlayStation Blog 2022 Best Multiplayer Experience

2022 PlayStation Blog Best Game In Progress

2022 PlayStation Blog Best Sports Game

PlayStation Blog 2022 Best Indie Game of the Year

2022 PlayStation Blog Best Relaunch

2022 PlayStation Blog PS4 Game of the Year

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2022 PlayStation Blog PS5 Game of the Year

The most anticipated PlayStation game of 2023 and beyond

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