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Puerto Rico needs our help now

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20220925 193434

Once again, Puerto Rico is facing another catastrophic storm just after the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria.

This time, Hurricane Fiona has caused a power outage for millions of people across the island. The hurricane hit Puerto Rico this weekend as a Category 1 storm with sustained winds of 90 mph, for CNN, and continues to bring a downpour even as it makes its way across the Atlantic to the Dominican Republic. Up to 22 inches of rain has fallen on the island, causing life-threatening flooding, and up to 15 inches can still fall even as the hurricane moves away.

There is currently a death charge, according to the New York Timesalthough it may still be too early to know the full extent of the damage.

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“In many areas that have never seen flooding, there has been an unprecedented accumulation of water,” said Gov. Pedro Pierluisi. “In fact, in many areas it was larger than what we saw during Hurricane Maria.”

Below, we have listed several organizations and fundraisers that are focusing their efforts on recovery and help for the people of Puerto Rico.

Health Workshop

Taller Salud is a feminist organization based in Puerto Rico. They are currently accepting donations that will go towards purchasing much-needed supplies for those in need, such as water filters, non-perishable food, solar lanterns, toiletries, and more.

Visit their website here

Hispanic Federation

This non-profit organization based in San Juan manages the UNIDOS Disaster Relief and Recovery Program, which seeks to meet the needs of families in Puerto Rico. Previously, they provided resources to local farmers and fishermen after Hurricane Maria. They also coordinated donation drives from the US to the island to distribute millions of pounds of food, water, and other basic necessities to those affected by the hurricane.

Visit their website here


Launched by Puerto Rican business leaders who are part of the American diaspora, this organization uses 100 percent of your donations to provide humanitarian aid focused on food and agriculture initiatives, clean water, and renewable energy. They are now accepting donations for disaster relief.

Visit their website here

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen works to provide food and meals directly to those experiencing humanitarian or climate crises. On Twitter, the organization announced that they currently have teams on the ground in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic “ready to respond however we are needed.”

Visit their website here

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