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Randall Emmett’s Ex Ambyr Requests Restraining Order Against VPR Alum

Ambyr Childers, who is the ex-wife of Randall Emmett, wants a restraining order against the Vanderpump Rules alum out of fear for her safety.

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Vander’s Bomb Rules Alumnus Randall Emmett’s ex-wife, Ambyr Childers, has filed for a restraining order against Randall for alleged emotional and verbal abuse. Randall and Ambyr were married from 2009 to 2017 and share two daughters: Ambyr, 12, and London, 8. Before their divorce was finalized, rumors swirled that Vander’s Bomb Rules The star Lala Kent was dating a married man. Lala and Randall finally went public with their relationship in late 2017. The engagement lasted three years before Randall and Lala called it quits due to infidelity. Randall shares a daughter, Ocean, from his relationship with Lala.


A court request for a temporary emergency restraining order against Randall was obtained by People. Ambyr alleged that he suffers “legitimate fear of [her] safety and well-beingCourt documents said Ambyr allegedly found threatening emails between Randall and his attorney, Benjamin Valencia. The email correspondence included a message from Benjamin that allegedly read: “When are they going to raise some real money so we can get this c*** out? [sic] and for all This is not good for your girls. Randall allegedly replied: “I have no real money for this and you know it.He also allegedly referred to Ambyr as a psychopath.

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Ambyr Childers claims Randall Emmett has a history of illegal activity

Ambyr’s claim further explained his concern regarding the messages, as well as his interpretation of their meaning, “It is the finality and desperation of those words that frightens me the most. If not to inflict bodily harm on me, would it be the money to set me up?” she asserted. Ambyr also claimed that Randall behaved illegally and intimidatingly in the past, which adds to her concern. She allegedly experienced some of this illegal behavior firsthand when he placed a tracking device on his car while they were married. He also allegedlyemotionally and verbally abusing[ed] me gas light[ed] me, and manipulate[ed] meAmbyr’s temporary emergency order was denied, but a formal hearing will be held on November 14.

The court’s initial ruling was in Randall’s favor due to ambiguity. Randall maintained that Ambyr’s claims have no validity or merit, while she strongly believes that she is the subject of the emails. If Ambyr expects her restraining order to be approved during the formal hearing, she needs to strengthen her case. Conversely, Randall may need to identify who he and Benjamin were referring to if she is innocent. Ambyr may want to connect with Lala to help build her case, as she, too, experienced a tumultuous breakup with the movie producer.

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Randall and Lala’s breakup in 2021 was apparently physical, as she claimed he knocked her to the ground after she confronted him about his infidelity. While neither Ambyr nor Lala’s claims have been proven in a court of law, it certainly doesn’t look good for Randall or his character. Hopefully, the attention created by the temporary restraining order will be enough to keep Ambyr safe while they await their hearing. previous Vander’s Bomb Rules Surely, the star will not be welcomed back to the reality series Bravo nor by his former co-stars.

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Source: People

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