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Admitting that we “don’t make it easy” to share posts on other social media platforms, Reddit has announced that it’s rolling out new features to address that issue. These include an updated “share link” preview for text posts shared via messaging services, new sharing for Instagram Stories, one-tap screenshot sharing, and more. The improvements come on the heels of other user-friendly features like an updated interface, improved comment search, and more.

In the past, sharing a Reddit post on a messaging app like WhatsApp forced the recipient to click the link to see what was going on. Now, you get a visual preview of the content, along with the subreddit name, total upvotes, and comments.

Another new trick is the ability to share content from Reddit directly to Instagram stories without the need to take screenshots or download content to your phone. And just like with apps like Google Photos, a new custom “share sheet” appears showing your most-used social channels, so you can post quickly without leaving the Reddit app. There’s also a one-touch screenshot sharing experience that lets you share content without saving images to your device. That provides a direct link to the content instead of just a screenshot.

Finally, Reddit has introduced a new embed toolbox that makes it easy to embed tweets into articles or CMS platforms like WordPress. Again, that allows users to not only display Reddit content on a website, but also link directly to it. That puts it in line with other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which have had the ability forever.

It’s hard to believe that Reddit has existed until now without these features, but the company evidently felt it was on its own and didn’t need the extra reach. Sharing follows other updates designed to make the app and websites easier to use, such as searchability within post comments, the addition of new text navigation sources including Read and View , a revised and tidy interface and more. At the same time, Reddit recently made API access a paid feature, apparently due to AI training issues.

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