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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Reddit’s 10 Most Exciting Reactions To The Blade Runner 2099 TV Series

20220925 192011
20220925 192011

Science fiction fans recently received the exciting news of the new series. blade runner 2099 coming to Amazon. While some fear the beloved franchise will make the leap to the small screen, there’s also plenty of excitement among fans about what this could mean.

From the talent involved in the project to the universe in which the story takes place, Reddit exploded with fan excitement over the news. So for anyone who is looking forward to blade runner 2099these excited reactions will only make fans more eager for the upcoming series.


10 Silka Luisa’s career

Although very little information about the show was given when it was announced, fans got a chance to meet some of the people who will be working behind the scenes to bring it to life. The showrunner of blade runner 2099 It will be Silka Luisa.

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Reddit user dominic_tortilla expressed his enthusiasm for Luisa’s previous work, stating that “bright girls it’s pretty cool.” Luisa’s previous crime series starred Elizabeth Moss as a woman investigating the assault that left her in ever-changing realities.

9 Ridley Scott’s involvement

While Luisa is an exciting choice for a showrunner, there are already some other very notable names attached to blade runner 2099. But the one that will grab the attention of most fans is Ridley Scott, the director of the original film.

Bounty hunter is just one of Ridley Scott’s most recognizable movies with a career that also includes Alien, the martian and last year underrated the last duel. Redditor wicktus found Scott’s role as executive producer on this new series to be “beyond reassuring.”

8 The promise of ‘Raised By Wolves’

While Ridley Scott’s career on the big screen is certainly enough to get fans excited about this project, some have regarded his recent television work as even more promising. Redditor 2th discovered that Scott’s series raised by wolves “It’s legitimately some of the most original new sci-fi we’ve gotten in a long time.”

The show is set on an alien planet and follows androids who are tasked with raising human children. Although the show was canceled after its second season, fans discovered that her ties to Bounty hunter took a look at how big it is Bounty hunter the series could be.

7 The production company behind The Expanse

Turning such a beloved franchise into a show is a daunting task that makes fans of the original very nervous about how it will play out. They hope that the material is in the hands of people who put on the best possible show with it.

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Redditor lightongtheold noted that “it’s worth noting” that Alcon Entertainment will be the production company behind blade runner 2099specifically for his other critically acclaimed Amazon sci-fi series the expansion.

6 Along with the Alien series

While some fans bemoan the trend of mining each and every IP to make the latest series, it’s exciting to see some of these franchises continue on a long-term basis. Another Ridley Scott sci-fi classic getting a series is Alien.

Fans may not be aware that these moves are connected, which could make for some interesting exploration of their lore. However, Redditor Zedab simply expressed excitement that “two of my favorite sci-fi movies are getting a TV sequel.”

5 Giving the franchise a chance to be a success

despite both Bounty hunter movies that have a lot of love among the fans, are counted as some of the best movies that bombed the box office. It seems like the franchise is having a hard time finding its audience at the right time, but a TV series could change that.

Given that audiences are apparently more willing to spend time with a challenging story on TV than in the movies, One Redditor suggested that “a TV show might appeal to viewers than watching a 3-hour movie.” This could be the opportunity to Bounty hunter to find the audience you deserve.

4 Amazon’s success with the big shows

A Bounty hunter The series is something that many networks and streaming services would probably have been very interested in. However, there are some fans who doubt that Amazon will take the reins of such a major franchise.

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However, Redditor mininestime was one of many fans who pointed out that Amazon actually “has a good track record with high-end IPs.” From superhero shows like Boys Y Invincible to criminal programs like reacher Y the forest to a big-budget epic like power ringsAmazon has made a lot of good series.

3 Blade Runner 2049 setup

Despite its failure at the box office, many found blade runner 2049 being a sequel that was worth the wait. There are certainly some fans who would have preferred the franchise to continue with another movie to complete the trilogy. blade runner 2049 created a very exciting world for the story to continue.

The mystery at the center of the sequel reveals that Replicators can procreate. Redditor thetruemask suggested that this proposed that there were “many ways to go” with that story from the war to the Replicant supremacy.

two One more step into the future

Returning for the legacy sequel blade runner 2049, the franchise gave an exciting look at how this world of the original had changed over the years. With those developments introduced in blade runner 2049this next step into the future is even more exciting.

While some fans would have liked to see a more direct sequel, Redditor reciprocal_space found it “interesting to take a big time jump” when the ramifications of this new world order really set in and changed everything.

Some fans have a feeling that the announcement of this latest series continues the trend of streaming services trying to exploit existing franchises for all they’re worth. There is a fear of turning beloved stories into just content.

While that’s a legitimate concern, with only two movies over the course of 40 years, Bounty hunter it is far from being overused. One Reddit user suggested that with a mythology as rich as this, “there’s a lot to explore in a TV series.”

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