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RHOP: Ashley Darby Says Divorce Was ‘Long Time Coming’

Ashley Darby of The Real Housewives of Potomac is opening up about her divorce from Michael Darby, saying it was “a long time coming.”

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Now that Ashley Darby is divorcing Michael Darby, The Real Housewives of the Potomac The star can admit that the separation was a “long time to arrive“The seventh season will follow the demise of Ashley and Michael’s marriage. Ashley confirmed the divorce in April while the show was in production. Viewers have seen inside Michael’s questionable behavior during the marriage. No matter how controversial they have been Michael’s scandals, Ashley always chose to stay by his side, which is why many are interested in knowing what exactly pushed Ashley to finally request a separation.


Six months after the presentation and just before the Season 7 premiere, Ashley opens up about her divorce from Michael. What “hard“as it was for Ashley to reach the decision”,I think it’s the best decision for us, because I really am a different person than I was when he met me.” she said Eastern Time. After six years of marriage, Ashley can admit that divorce has “It’s been a long time coming” She admitted, “it’s just been piling up“, added. The star of Bravo also pointed out the”crucial moment“amid the couple’s ongoing struggle with”different expectations for the relationshipThat led to filing for divorce. As for whether Michael will appear in season 7, Ashley confirmed that her ex-husband no longer wanted to film. The Australian native was tired of sharing much of his private life with the world. “I am 62 years old and I just want my life back.”, expressed Ashley on behalf of her ex-husband.

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RHOP followed the demise of Darby’s marriage

Announcing their split in April, Ashley addressed speculation she knew would come from the introduction. “People will quickly assume the causes were too much reality TV intrusion into the more personal parts of our lives, age gap issues, cultural issues, or differences in parenting.Ashley shared at the time before admitting they all played a factor, although neither was the only root factor behind the split. Ashley and Michael married in 2014 and share sons Dean, 3, and Dylan, 1. The viewers got an inside look at his marital problems that stemmed mostly from Michael’s errant eyes and hands.

Past seasons followed his infidelity scandals with other women and the groping scandal with a show producer. When Michael was photographed naked inside a hotel room with a mystery woman, Ashley believed her excuse that he had fallen asleep and the woman unknowingly took a picture of her. When Michael was accused of groping a show producer, Ashley believed Michael when she said the producer was lying. When Robyn Dixon confessed that Michael offered to perform a sexual act on her husband Juan Dixon, Ashley just laughed.

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With Ashley finally choosing to file for divorce, fans are cheering her on. The decision was along time to arrive“Considering the incidents that made it onto the show. Cheating and groping scandals are just one factor. Michael also expressed issues with Ashley after she welcomed their first child and the couple eventually confessed to having an open marriage. The Real Housewives of the Potomac has captured the demise of their marriage in great detail. Season 7 will give fans an inside look at her divorce and Ashley’s adjustment to being a single mother of two.

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Source: ET

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