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Sunday, September 25, 2022

‘RHOP’ Stars Shade Gizelle Bryant’s ‘Skunk Hair’ in ‘Offensive’ New Confessional Look

‘RHOP’ Stars Shade Gizelle Bryant’s ‘Skunk Hair’ in ‘Offensive’ New Confessional Look
‘RHOP’ Stars Shade Gizelle Bryant’s ‘Skunk Hair’ in ‘Offensive’ New Confessional Look

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A new preview of the next season of The Real Housewives of the Potomac just aired, and some of the show’s cast members aren’t fans of some of the star’s new looks. Candiace Dillard Bassett35, and her co-star, Karen Hughes59, took to Twitter on September 19 to draw attention to her new hairstyle. gizelle bryant, 52. “I think the network has a responsibility to intervene when our interview appears to be criminally offensive. Because, my God today,” candiace wrote. And Karen seemed to agree and tweetedGotta love her, the Skunk Hair design and all #rhop.” Candiace even responded to Karen’s tweet by writing, “No we don’t.”

During the season 7 preview, Gizelle was seen in a confessional with platinum blonde hair and thick brown highlights. Although the new season does not premiere until October 9, many viewers on Twitter are already anticipating this season’s drama. a twitter the user wrote, “Candiace and Karen are already dragging Gizelle down and the season hasn’t even started yet.” However, some fans loved Gizelle’s new style. Another person chimed in: “Unpopular opinion, I love the look of her.”

Fans responded to Candiace and Karen on Twitter, clapping back with their own thoughts. One online sleuth told Candiace, “Work on your wigs before you talk about someone else’s style,” while another emailed Karen and said, “You haven’t always looked your best either, dear.” . Oh!

gizelle bryant
Gizelle Bryant will return for season 7 of ‘RHOP’ on October 9. (MJ Photos/Shutterstock)

But despite all the drama online, Gizelle seems calm as she hasn’t weighed in on the comments on either Twitter or Instagram. On September 18, the TV personality showed off a stunning photo of her gorgeous blonde locks, this time without highlights. She captioned the photo, “Happy Sunday!” And a few days before, she posted a TikTok of her full mane with the caption, “Just saying hi.” Notably, she wasn’t sporting the “skunk hair” in this post either.

Ahead of the season 7 premiere on October 7, Bravo released the trailer for the new season on September 6, which you can watch here. The three housewives above return along with the ones from season 6. Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Dr. Wendy OsefoY mia thornton. This leaves the cast members of RHOP unchanged from last season, but will have a little twist with charisse jackson jordan57, and his friend, Jacqueline blakejoining as “friends of the cast.”

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