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Rihanna Rocks Legging-Boots for Dinner with Gigi Hadid in New York: Photos

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Image Credit: WavyPete /

Rihanna34, and gigi hadid, 27, was a wonderful sight to see on November 5! The singer and model enjoyed dinner together at Caviar Russe in New York City, NY, looking as stylish as they could. RiRi wore a button-up top with matching leggings and pointy toe boots, while Gigi wore a white crop top under a long black leather jacket, black pants, and lime green pointy toe boots.

Rihanna during dinner out. (WavyPete/

The beauties accessorized with sunglasses and jewelry. Rihanna, who had her hair down, had a simple necklace around her neck as she held a black clutch bag, and Gigi, who had her hair up, added two gold necklaces and earrings as she carried a white bag. The latter also greeted the cameras as she flashed a smile during the exit.

gigi hadid
Gigi during dinner out. (WavyPete/

The dinner comes after Gigi has been making headlines for allegedly hanging out with Leonardo Dicaprio. Apparently, the blonde star and the actor have been getting to know each other, but she hasn’t introduced him to her daughter. khai2, whom he shares with his ex Zayn Malik. “Gigi is still getting to know Leo so introducing him to her daughter is not something she is considering right now,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. hollywoodlife Recently.

“In fact, it’s not even on their radar,” they added. “Gigi has a career that is in full swing, but being Khai’s mother comes first and foremost at all times. Although Gigi is single again, she is unwilling to introduce her baby to everyone she knows.”

“Gigi feels like she would have to be very serious with someone before she would even consider bringing someone around her daughter,” the source continued. “She is extremely protective of Khai. Being a mother has completely changed Gigi’s perspective when it comes to dating. It’s not just about her anymore. She has a child, and that baby comes before anyone else in her eyes.”

Meanwhile, like Gigi, Rihanna, who has been sharing epic photos of herself on Instagram, has also been focused on being a mother. The “Umbrella” Singer Recently Welcomed Her Child With Her Boyfriend a$ap rocky and has been working to balance motherhood and her successful career as a musician and businesswoman. “The secret for Rihanna to be able to balance it all is the great team that she has behind her in all areas and that includes Rocky. He is her MVP,” she shared EXCLUSIVELY with a person close to the nine-time Grammy winner. hollywoodlife.

“He is an amazing father and partner to her; He is key to helping her do everything,” they continued. “And he’s also built a tight-knit team of people around her that she trusts to help keep every aspect of her work life under her control so she can spend most of her time her to do everything creative. [tasks].”

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