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RimWorld’s New BioTech DLC Turned Me Into A Monster Exploiting Child Labor

Sometimes people in my life do something they think is nice: They look at me, smile beatifically, and say, “You know, Cass, you’d make a wonderful mom.” To which I always reply: “Based on what?” I can’t even keep an Animal Crossing town free of weeds; I can’t imagine having the task of keeping a small human being functional. The person always politely objects, but know the truth. The new rimworld expansion, BiotechnologyIt only confirms my suspicions. I absolutely cannot be trusted with a child’s well-being, especially in the midst of a burning sci-fi colony.

Take a look, rimworld looks like a stardew valley-colony simulator type. My peons plant crops, make statues, and create a humble little town after crash-landing on a mysterious planet. The twist comes from the unrelenting danger and threats that assail the colony: wild animals, invaders, infections, insect monsters, robot soldiers, and a malevolent AI. And the Biotechnology The expansion, which was released on October 21, adds genetic manipulation, mind control of robots, and children. It takes a long time to find the right settlers or research the right technology for two of those additions, but the kids show up right away.

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RimWorld - A collection of terrifying mechanoids attack a colony threatened by flames.

rimworld is a ruthless game with periodic robot invasions.
Image: Ludeon Studios

You they can Play as a charitable colony leader, accept people into your colony, and build a strong community based on admirable values. Such players would welcome children to their colonies with the pure intention of nurturing and protecting them. There are no spiked skulls around these guys’ colonies, just beautiful rugs and carefully crafted monuments.

The way I’m playing is by cultivating a witch cult deep in the mines of a mountain. I am not a monster in any way; When the children began to arrive in the neighborhood, I initially took care of them and took care of their needs. The “comfort and care” part of that formula happened in a roundabout way, where the kids have a miserable childhood but emerge to adulthood with excellent mining stats. Which, when you really think about it, isn’t. me fault. I’m not alone either: other players are reporting incidents like a gang of kids showing up to order beer (to use in a daring prison break) or a baby with a gun killing her attacker.

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rimworld is known for throwing random encounters at the player. Sometimes it’s an attack from a raider or a group of mechanoids falling from the sky, and other times someone calls out to you and begs for your help. Biotechnology adds kids into the mix in terrifying ways, only adding to the overall chaos of the game. It’s always kind of sad when pawns ask you for help and the game explains that they’re in mortal danger due to being chased by seven hunting turtles (or some other randomly generated threat), but it’s really bad when that pawn is 7 years old. A wave of muggers can be scary, but when you see they have a 10-year-old holding a club, you know they’re really bad guys.

Right now, half of my colony is made up of children, all of whom I have saved from terrible fates. Some people would say this makes me a hero. Other people might ask something like what exactly do the children in my neighborhood do on a daily basis. The answer to that is simple: children love work.

RimWorld – Players can create elaborate nurseries for their young settlers, as seen in this screenshot.

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Image: Ludeon Studios

If you are a wise colony leader with everything under control, you can build a school for children, where they can learn in peace. Or, if you’re having a hard time, you can just… put the kids to work. They have very few skills, but their eager little hands can be invaluable in reaping a harvest and staving off hunger. As the kids get older, you can spend points on skills and passions for them. If you have done a good job, you will get a wider range of opportunities. If you have done a poor job, you may find yourself faced with an option like, Hmm, should I make this kid “neurotic” and “cowardly”, or just let him be a “cannibal”?

Children are also subject to the same penalties and punishments as settlers. At one point, a 10-year-old girl from my neighborhood named Lindsey had a tantrum. Pretty normal, right? Especially since Lindsey worked in the mines. As a result, she decided that she would destroy an extremely valuable item that allowed me to instantly research any topic in the game, no matter how daunting. So I had to arrest Lindsey.

It was not nice; the preteen threw tantrums in prison because she wanted to “learn” and be close to her “friends of hers.” When her 13th birthday came around, the game gave me a summary of her upbringing. “She hopes things get better in the future. Lindsey wishes she could spend more time drawing mischievous mechanoids on the ground, but she’s too busy worrying about inhaling toxic fumes.” …Oops.

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While most games compulsively protect children from harm and ensure that the player cannot do violence to them, rimworld goes in the opposite direction. It’s compelling and unique, but I also feel like this could be proof that I’m a bad person. Either way, I’m having fun, and so are my minors who are also miners.

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