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Rings Of Power: 10 Characters Most Likely To Survive Till The End

Warning: this article contains spoilers for episode 6.

For a moment in the last episode of the rings of power It seemed that one of the most lovable original characters, Bronwyn, would not survive Uruk’s attack on the village. He thankfully he did and we have yet to witness the death of a major character in the series.

But it’s inevitable that over the course of the show, some characters, like Isildur, will certainly perish, as their story is already written. Likewise, there are others we know for sure will survive the Second Age, and others whose fate remains a mystery to viewers of the fantasy epic.

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10/10 Galadriel

Galadriel is of course one of the most powerful beings in Middle Earth at the time she The Lord of the rings begins. Therefore, she is sure to survive the events of the rings of powerif only so that he can get to play the pivotal role he does during the events of the Third Age.

However, it is already clear that he will bear the scars of the Second Age. In fact, it is precisely his actions over the course of this series that will allow him to become the person he is, someone who works so hard to keep Lothlorien beautiful.

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9/10 Elrond

Like Galadriel, Elrond is a formidable Elf in The Lord of the Rings. In his sanctuary in Rivendell, he is able to hold off the worst ravages of time; but during the rings of powerhe’s still relatively young and hasn’t yet been bruised and disappointed by the failures of Men in particular.

He, of course, will survive. the rings of power, but it is unlikely that he will come out totally unscathed. Indeed, like many who were able to survive the Second Age and enter the Third, his experiences will shape both his outlook and his actions in the future. We will also learn more about what drives his decisions and actions in his later life, and see how a relationship develops between him and Isildur long before the fateful actions within Mount Doom.

8/10 Halbrand

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Few characters have elicited as much buzz as Halbrand. As the season has unfolded, many have wondered if he is in fact Sauron or if he could be someone like the Mouth of Sauron or the Witch King of Angmar.

Whatever role he ultimately fills, it’s clear he’ll be one of those who survives the events of the series. After all, the three main contenders for his true identity would go on to become some of the most powerful beings of the Third Age. Whoever he is, he has a very important destiny ahead of him.

7/10 Nori

The Harfoots have already proven to be some of the most beloved characters on the rings of power. Of these, Nori is one of the friendliest, and genuinely seems to care about the well-being of others. With this being the case, it seems likely that she will be one of those who survives until the end of the series.

It could even be the case that she is one of those who help found the Shire, and it is very likely that she is being positioned as one of the ancestors of great Hobbits like Bilbo and Frodo.

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6/10 Poppy

Poppy, like Nori, is one of the most lovable Harfoots. She may not be as adventurous as her friend, but sometimes she is still willing to flout the will of the leaders. Also, she always stays loyal to Nori no matter what.

Given how likable she is and how agonizing it would be to see any of the Harfoots die, she’ll likely survive until the end of the show. Like Nori, she is expected to be one of the people who plays a key role in the founding of the Shire.

5/10 The stranger

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The identity of the Stranger has been another one of those enigmas that has sparked considerable comment among fans of the series. Many believe that it could well be Gandalf, one of the best members of the Fellowship of the Ring; while others think that he is one of the mysterious “blue” wizards who apparently appeared during the Second Age.

Whoever he is, whether good or bad, he clearly has a role to play in the events that the series is going to depict. And, if it is Gandalf, it means that he will surely survive to the end, as he will become one of the key players in the War of the Ring in the Third Age.

4/10 some

Disa is one of the most beloved original characters in this series. As he showed from the first time he appeared, he is not only very nice, but also fiercely intelligent and loyal to his fellow dwarves.

While her people are almost certainly going to endure a lot over the course of the series, it seems likely that she, at least, will survive. It could even be that she is one of those who drives the Dwarves away from Khazad-dûm once the Balrog is awakened from her sleep.

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3/10 bronwyn

One of the things he does the rings of power one of the best series on Prime Video is its ability to create compelling original characters. One of the most notable is Bronwyn, who is a human healer who lives in the Southlands.

She puts up with quite a bit during the first season, but has an indomitable spirit that makes her a natural leader. Furthermore, she also seems to be one of the few human characters who doesn’t want her people to return to darkness. As a result, she seems likely to play a key role in humanity’s future development, even beyond the Second Age.

2/10 around

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Arondir is another of the fascinating original characters of the rings of power. He is very much an epic hero, someone who puts up with a lot while dealing with the brutal nature of life in the Second Age.

However, as he demonstrates when he is captured by the Orcs, he is not very easy to kill. In fact, he could very well be one of the most formidable fighters in this series. Given his narrative centrality and his fearsome abilities, it is very likely that he will be one of those who survives to the end.

1/10 theo

Theo is another of the enigmatic characters of the rings of power. Although he is Bronwyn’s son, there is clearly more to him than meets the eye. There is, in fact, much darkness stirring in his soul, as he makes clear over and over again.

The series has been very ambiguous about what role he’s going to play, but it seems likely that he’ll at least become one of those serving Sauron in some way. This being the case, it seems more likely that he will survive to the end, particularly if he is destined to become one of the Ringwraiths.

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