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Russo-Ukrainian War: List of key events, day 245

Here is the situation as it stands on Wednesday, October 26.


  • A senior Ukrainian official predicted “the toughest of battles” is coming for the strategic southern province of Kherson, partially occupied by Russia, and said Moscow’s army is digging in to meet advancing Ukrainian forces.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reiterated his commitment to retake the city of Kherson, whose loss would be a major setback for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who wants to speed up decision-making in the military campaign in Ukraine.
  • Putin has also urged his government to cut red tape to produce enough weapons and supplies to feed his troops in Ukraine.


  • Russia took its accusation that Ukraine was preparing to use a dirty bomb, an explosive device laced with radioactive material, to the United Nations Security Council, raising concerns during a closed-door meeting of the 15-member body.
  • Kyiv says it fears Moscow’s dirty bomb accusation is a pretext for a “false flag” operation.
  • Pope Francis on Tuesday led world religious leaders in a peace appeal to politicians to avert the threat of nuclear war over Ukraine.
  • Russia has notified the United States of planned annual exercises by its nuclear forces, which Washington says reduces the risk of miscalculations at a time of “reckless” Russian nuclear rhetoric.
  • New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agreed in a phone call with US President Joe Biden about the importance of supporting Ukraine. Sunak also spoke with Zelenskyy.
  • A group of US liberal Democrats withdrew a letter to the White House urging a negotiated settlement for the Ukraine war after pushback within their own party.
  • A Russian court has dismissed American WNBA basketball star Brittney Griner’s appeal of a nine-year sentence for possession and smuggling of vape cartridges containing cannabis oil.
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  • The European Commission urged European Union countries and companies to donate more money and equipment to support the energy sector in Ukraine, more than a third of which has been destroyed by Russian missile and drone strikes.
  • Ukraine’s external financing needs will be about $3 billion per month until 2023 at best, but could rise to as much as $5 billion, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said.
  • The White House has welcomed moves by Saudi Arabia to help Ukraine in its war with Russia, as Biden ponders how harshly he will react to the Saudis for joining a cut in oil production.

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