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Same-sex marriage becomes legal nationwide in Mexico

The state of Tamaulipas voted to recognize same-sex marriage, making it legal in all 32 states.

The congress of Mexico’s northeastern border state, Tamaulipas, has voted to recognize same-sex marriage, making it legal throughout the country.

Becoming the latest of the country’s states to do so, Tamaulipas amended the state’s Civil Code on Wednesday, prompting cheers of “Yes, we can!” of supporters of change.

The states of Mexico, Sonora and Sinaloa recently voted to legally recognize same-sex marriage as it has been a long-awaited sign of progress for a country known for gender-based violence.

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“Today is a historic day for the LGBTQ community and for Mexico. Today we and our families are more visible, more equal and we are a country with more justice,” said activist Enrique Torre Molina.

Mexico City became the first area in the country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2009.

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Arturo Zaldívar, welcomed the vote.

“The whole country shines with a huge rainbow. Live the dignity and rights of all people. Love is love,” she said on Twitter.

In 2015, the Supreme Court declared state laws banning same-sex marriage unconstitutional, but it took several years for some states to adopt laws to conform to the ruling.

Same-sex marriage remains illegal or unrecognized in Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, most of Central America and parts of the Caribbean, according to global LGBTQ rights tracker Equaldex.

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