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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Mom: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Hocus Pocus’ Star’s Mom Barbra Forste

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can’t be denied Sarah Jessica Parker, 57, loves his family, and that includes his parents, siblings, and stepfather too. the sex and the city the star has always been close to his mother barbara forste84. And now after the death of her husband Paul Forsteshe is trusting her family more than ever.

Who is the mother of Sarah Jessica Parker and how did she help her children with their acting careers? Learn everything we know about Barbra Forste and her family right here.

Who is Barbara Forste?

Barbra was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on July 2, 1938. She worked as a nursery school teacher and was married twice in her life. Barbra is the mother of eight adult children, most of whom have ties to the entertainment industry. She is also the grandmother of SJP’s three children. james wilkie, marion loretta elwellY tabitha Hodge, and actor matthew broderick mother in law.

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barbara forste pippen parker sarah jessica parker
Sarah Jessica Parker (right) attends the opening night of George Packer’s play ‘Betrayed’ in February 2008 with her brother Pippen Parker (center) and mother Barbra Forste. (Carolyn Contino/EIB/Shutterstock)

While little is known about Barbra’s personal life, she did open up about her own “biggest regret” to the public. New York Times back in 1983, when Sarah was a promising 18-year-old. The longtime caregiver said she missed out on “developing my own interests,” but she added, “I’m not sure I can remember what those interests are right now.”

she married twice

barbara’s first husband Stephen Parker and SJP’s father was a journalist and writer. They were married from 1936 until Sarah was 3 1/2 years old, according to a 2000 interview with The New York Times.

Not long after separating from Stephen, Barbra married Paul Forste, who ran a bus and trucking business. They were together until his death in 2022.

Her second husband passed away

News of her husband Paul’s death came after Sarah missed the New York City Ballet’s 10th Annual Fall Fashion Gala on September 28 due to a “devastating family situation.”

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker shined during the December 8, 2022 premiere of ‘And Just Like That…’ in New York. (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

The family released a statement the following day, which read: “Our family is sad to announce that after a sudden and unexpected illness, Paul Giffin Forste passed away yesterday at age 76.”

“In his final moments, he was surrounded by the love and gratitude of his loving wife Barbara of 54 years and their children, including Sarah Jessica Parker.” The statement continued: “Paul will be remembered in the spirit of loving-kindness that was his faith, his special delight in his 13 grandchildren, and his strong belief in making the world a more compassionate, tolerant and beautiful place for all.” ”.

Most of their children are in show business

Barbra is the mother of eight children, with four children from her first marriage and one from her second. Many of her children are involved in entertainment. In addition to Sarah, she grew up an actor Timothy Britten Parker and playwright pippin barker. Daughter Rachel Parker he is also in the creative field, working as a designer. She also has credits as a Broadway actress.

Barbra had four more children with her second husband, Paul Forste. Kids Aaron, Megan, Y Allegra Forste they all have experience behind the camera, according to IMDB. There is little public information about his son Andrew Forste.

The family struggled with money

During her childhood, Sarah recalls that her family struggled with money. She looked back at a 2000 interview with the New York Times, saying: “I remember my childhood as a Dickensian. I remember being poor. There was no great way to hide it.”

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Sarah Jessica Parker, Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick, Tabitha Hodge Broderick
Sarah Jessica Parker, center, is joined by her daughters Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick, left, and Tabitha Hodge Broderick for the ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ premiere in New York on September 27, 2022.

The star added, “Sometimes we had no electricity. Sometimes we didn’t have Christmas, or sometimes we didn’t have birthdays, or bill collectors would come, or the phone company would call and say, ‘Let’s turn off your phones.’ And we were all old enough to take the calls, watch my mom’s reactions, or watch my parents shuffle the money.”

Where did they live?

To foster SJP’s talents, the family moved from rural Ohio to Cincinnati, then to Dobbs Ferry, New York, near New York City, so she could train as a dancer and actress. Sarah would land her first professional acting job with the inocents in 1976. Thanks to the support of her family, Sarah was able to attend the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, the School of American Ballet in New York City, the New York Professional Children’s School, and Hollywood High School in New York. The Angels.

She still supported his artistic activities

Barbra has always been there for her children. The whole family got involved in the arts after the children got involved in the dance. Eventually, Sarah and several siblings ended up with the national insurance company. The sound of the musicin which Mr. Forste was working as an assistant stage manager at the time, according to NOW.

“I would like to say that I was not at all a mother on stage,” said Ms. Forste The times in 2000. “But on some level I was. What the children did was more or less under our control. But any of the kids who didn’t want to perform didn’t.”

Although the family had few resources, Barbra made sure to feed their curiosity with visits to free museums, as well as the ballet and theater in Cincinnati, so that they would live “full and rich lives.”

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