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Scream: Every Ghostface, Ranked By Intelligence

The successful horror franchise Scream is getting another installment in the series, marking the sixth film to star Ghostface. Fans have already started speculating who will appear in the Black Cloak and Ghostface movie or if there will be more than one killer like in the previous movies.

Wes Craven changed the horror genre with Ghostface by making the character more calculated and goal oriented than other random killing horror villains. This choice has led to Ghostface being one of the most brilliant horror villains of all time, no matter who plays the killer.

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14 Jamal Elliot

Jamal wasn’t as bad as others Scream villains, but he made a mistake that proved fatal when he revealed Beth’s identity as Ghostface to her brother. As one of the smartest assassins, Beth was able to take Jamal’s issues with her family and twist them for her own benefit, so she could have an accomplice and get everyone out of her way as the other Ghostface.

His latest downfall was trusting Beth when it was clear she was only willing to serve herself.

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13 this male

Stu was one of the most lovable characters on Scream until it is revealed that he was in on Billy’s plan to kill all of his friends for no reason other than something to do.

Stu should have reconsidered his association with Billy as it is clear from his relationship with Sidney that he is only concerned with himself and is someone who would kill his best friend to be the only one to keep the secrets of his murder spree, mainly when Stu defends himself for not being a killer in front of his friends.

12 charlie walker

When it comes to Charlie Walker, he ranks similarly to Stu. He was also a pawn in the game of a more evil and sadistic killer, but he planned more complex murders by filing and publishing the kills.

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Charlie hid his relationship with Jill to prevent people from connecting the two, but was manipulated into believing that he would share the fame of surviving the massacre with her. Ultimately, Charlie should have taken notes from Stu and realized that he wouldn’t survive the plot Jill laid out.

eleven Beth

Beth was one of the few killers who had no real motive beyond being something to do and fuel her love of horror movies. Unlike other movies, Beth was easy to pinpoint as the killer, almost too easy, which made those around her think she was too obvious.

With her love of horror movies, it sounds like Beth will be more of a Randy character than a Billy, but this only helped her plan and hid her identity as Ghostface, not helping her survive.

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10 piper shaw

Piper has similar methods to Mrs. Loomis in that she is implanted as a reporter in town and not someone connected to any of the new murders the series is based on. Piper’s motive is jealousy of her, and Scream lore automatically tells fans that the killer won’t make it to the end of the movie or the next season, depending on which. Scream it makes reference.

Like every Ghostface before her, Piper removes her mask too soon, causing her plan to backfire and her death.

9 jill roberts

Jill Roberts subverted the classic chick flick ending trope by revealing herself as the killer posing as the sole survivor of the copycat murders, but she made a mistake that thwarted her plans forever.

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By not checking to see if she killed Sidney or was just playing dead, Jill allowed her cousin to remain at the top of the last girl in the game. Scream franchise. Her thirst for fame and notoriety clouded her judgment and led to her downfall, but she ironically gained notoriety after her death.

8 kieran wilcox

Kieran Wilcox proved that Ghostface only gets smarter throughout the sequels, as he stayed away from suspicions of being involved with Ghostface from the first season and having committed several murders before the show’s second season began.

Like many others Scream murderers, Kieran was fueled by revenge for his killing spree, but didn’t meet his end until after he was caught and arrested. The complexity of the show helped make Kieran brighter and more of an impersonator in search of fame and notoriety, but his revenge clouded his judgment and allowed him to get caught.

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7 amber freeman

Amber had all the tools to be one of the best Ghostfaces in the franchise, but she thought she could outsmart Gale and Sidney, which never worked out for anyone in the past.

Amber copied many of the other assassins’ motives and methods, which was a mistake given that none of them had gotten away with it. Still, she hid her identity well enough that viewers and characters alike were shocked when she was revealed to be one of the killers in the film.

6 richie kirsch

Richie was similar to Mickey from scream 3 with his motives and how he killed people like Ghostface, especially with the way he hid his knowledge of the horror movie.

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His use of humor kept everyone off the trail of who Richie was and what he had planned with Amber, but like those before him, he trusted his partner too much to realize that he would eventually take him out in the name of being. the only one in the spotlight and the topic of the next Stab.

5 mickey altieri

Mickey did a lot of things right when it came to his time as Ghostface, and unlike other killers in the movies, he had an exit strategy that didn’t focus on not getting caught; in fact, he wanted to get caught because, like Jill, he wanted the fame Billy got for being the original Ghostface.

But as Sidney points out, he makes the mistake all other assassins make by underestimating his strength and ability to survive by any means necessary. Mickey is smart enough to think ahead, but he still falls in love with his accomplice like so many other Ghostfaces in the past.

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4 billy loomis

Billy Loomis made horror fans realize that sometimes the real monsters are the humans with his sadistic manipulation of everyone, including their so-called best friends and girlfriends, in the name of revenge.

Billy’s Master Plan rewrote the horror genre as it had motives beyond random killing; each murder symbolized something, either leaving no witnesses or taking down the people who had wronged him earlier in his life. Billy showed plenty of red flags throughout the movie that had fans wondering if he was the killer, but faking his death made the reveal that much more shocking.

3 Mrs Loomis

Billy Loomis clearly got his intelligence from his mother as she is one of the smartest Ghostfaces of all time with her well thought out plan that not only hid her identity for most of the movie but included an accomplice who was easy to discard. as the only killer.

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Mrs. Loomis took numerous steps to get involved with Sidney and her friends so she could get revenge for her son’s death. Mrs. Loomis is the only assassin who subcontracts her partner as someone she had no previous relationship with.

two Roman bridge

Roman is the smartest assassin as he works alone, leaving no loose ends to tie up and eliminating the possibility of a partner changing his mind. He was also the model for every Ghostface, starting with Billy, but no one knew that because he was kept out of the picture until the third movie.

This choice led to one of the franchise’s most shocking reveals, but left it last on the Rotten Tomatoes ranking of Scream films. However, his smartest choice was a bulletproof vest.

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