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Season: A Letter to the Future, Thirsty Suitors and more now available for Demo Fest 2022

The PlayStation Store has welcomed a selection of new gameplay demos today, which are available to download right now, giving you a taste of some exciting titles coming to PS4 and PS5 in the near future! Demos include the beautiful bike adventure Season: A letter to the future and the stylish dating and skating adventure game Thirsty Suitors. Let’s take a look at what you can play as part of today’s Demo Fest*.

thirsty suitors | ps4, ps5

Fight your exes, disappoint your parents and find yourself while cooking and skating. In this action-adventure demo from Thirsty Suitors, players will take a personality quiz featuring Jala’s friends, exes, and family, explore her hometown, and take on one of Jala’s exes in a stylish turn-based battle. .

– Outerloop Games

Season: A letter to the future | ps4, ps5

Bramble: King of the Mountain | ps5

you stink in the parking lot | ps5

*Internet connection required to download demos from PlayStation Store.

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