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See: Accused of UP rape and murder of Dalit teenage sisters shot in the leg by police

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Junaid, one of six charged in Lakhimpur for the rape and murder of two Dalit sisters, after his arrest.

Lakhimpur Kheri (Uttar Pradesh):

One of the main defendants in the rape and murder of two teenage sisters in Lakhimpur Kheri was arrested this morning after an encounter, in which he was shot in the right leg by police. A video shows police pulling an injured Junaid out of a field as he limps and is helped by two police officers.

Police said Junaid, the last of the six men arrested, was one of two who were friends with the girls and convinced them to ride motorcycles with them. The girls’ family has said that no such friendship existed and that they had been kidnapped. The bodies, hanging from a tree, were found yesterday near their village.

A man named Chhotu had introduced the girls to Junaid and Sohail, police said. “These two men took them to a sugarcane farm yesterday, where they raped them. After the girls said they would now have to marry them, they got angry. With the help of Hafizul, they strangled the girls to death. They then called Karimuddin and Arif who helped them hang the girls to make it look like a suicide,” said area police chief Sanjeev Suman.

While Chhotu is from the victims’ neighborhood, the other five are from a nearby town. “With these six arrests, all those involved have been trapped,” said the police chief.

The girls’ father has called for the death penalty for them. The state’s BJP government, saying the case will be tried in a speedy court, has promised “such action that the souls of your next generations will shudder.”

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The opposition, including the BSP and the Samajwadi Party, also cited previous cases, calling this crime “the latest proof of how law and order has collapsed” in Uttar Pradesh.

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