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Selena Gomez Showed A Clip Of An Interviewer Being Rude In Her New Documentary And It’s Revealing

Well, this week, he released his highly anticipated documentary, my mind and me.

Today is the world premiere of Selena Gomez: #MyMindAndMe, at @AFIFEST. I’m excited to share a special gift for my fans of a 2-month free trial of @AppleTVPlus. Stream the movie on November 4:

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The film explores how Selena navigates fame and insecurity while battling lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes severe fatigue, pain, and other symptoms.

About an hour into the document, we see Selena on a press tour, where she asks her a bunch of basic, mundane questions from different media. For example, one outlet asked her her favorite color and another asked her to describe DJ Marshmello in one word.

But the one moment that stood out was when a reporter asked, “You’re a singer, you’re an actor, you’ve worked in production, in fashion. Are there any other hats you’d like to try?”

Selena seemed to really appreciate the question, replying, “I must say I’ll do a little of all of that for a while. But eventually, when it all winds down for me, I’ll probably dedicate most of my life.” to philanthropy.”

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Then the interviewer abruptly said, “Okay. That’s it for me,” and left. This understandably took Selena by surprise. She made this face:

“Wow, thanks,” Selena responded.

“I appreciate it. I felt like you really understood,” Selena said dejectedly.

AppleTV+ / Via

Selena talked about the moment in her green room afterwards. “I’m done,” Selena said. “I can’t do that anymore. Do you know how cheap that makes me feel? He’s asking me questions, good ones, and then he didn’t even pay attention to what I was saying.”

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“I don’t want to do that anymore. I feel like a product,” she continued.

“It made me angry. It made me feel like Disney. I spent years of my life trying not to be that. I look like a fucking witch,” Selena said, referring to her outfit. “Like, the wand again.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I really appreciate Selena sharing these intimate, vulnerable and frustrating moments with us. you can stream my mind and me on AppleTV+ now:

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