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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Insists She Has a ‘Clear Conscience’ Leaving Kody as She Prepares to Move

cristina brown

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cristina brown put his house on the market and received an offer on the November 6 episode of sister wives. That meant she had to tell him kody brownas much as Meri Brown, Janelle Brown Y brown robin that he was leaving for Utah in a week. He knew it was going to be a “difficult” conversation and his prediction turned out to be true. While Janelle was happy for Christine and at peace with the decision, Kody, Meri, and Robyn were still hurt, frustrated, and angry.

First, the family had a disagreement over Christine’s use of the word “divorce.” Robyn and Kody disagreed that he and Christine were “divorced,” while Christine had been saying that for months. “Christine just saying ‘I’m divorced’ is kind of an invalidation of our beliefs,” admitted Robyn. “We are spiritually married to Kody by our church. If we want to get a divorce, then we have to go get her approval. They usually require counseling and many meetings. Technically, as I understand it, until Christine is physical with another man…she’s not divorced.”

cristina brown
Christine Brown on the November 6 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (FTA)

However, from Christine’s point of view, she had already left the faith, so she didn’t need to follow those guidelines. “I do not have any legal contract that binds me with Kody [since we’re just spiritually married],” she explained. “There was no legal process that we had to go through. None of us are part of that religion anymore, so I just say ‘I’m divorced,’ I don’t see a problem with that.”

Kody then reiterated his anger at Christine for telling other people in the family that she planned to leave before telling him. Robyn jumped into the conversation and, amid some miscommunication, called Christine a “liar.” They eventually realized that they were talking about two completely different things and were able to move on from the discussion.

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sister wives
The cast of ‘Sister Wives’. (FTA)

Kody then pointed out that Christine’s decision to leave was the opposite of what the group had been trying to preach to the public for years. “We have worked very hard, begging the public to accept our marriage, our family,” she explained. “And at one point she decides that we are divorced. She feels like she delegitimizes everything I’ve worked for for so long.”

However, Christine was confident in her decision. “When I chose to leave Kody, I knew that she would be publicly open about it and this was a decision that she was making that other people would know about,” she shared. “One of the things that worried me was whether I would be considered a fraud and a liar. But I know without a doubt that I’ve been trying for years to get this to work. I have a clear conscience knowing that I gave my best. If people want to look at me and think otherwise, that’s fine. I can not do anything about it. Being a mom is the most important thing to me. I couldn’t, in good conscience, stay married to someone who had favorites and made him very well known and someone who was breaking my children’s hearts. I had to be with them instead. I wanted to do it for them.”

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