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Sister Wives: Why Kody Brown Was Never Attracted To Christine

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown is opening up to her fans. He’s talking about the fact that Kody Brown wasn’t attracted to her during her marriage.

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fans of sister wives they are learning that Christine Brown was not blind to the fact that Kody Brown was not attracted to her. Her mother-of-six battled jealousy and her weight gain throughout her troubled marriage, and often felt unloved by her patriarch. Now, after leaving her marriage in November 2021, Christine is finally starting to love herself again.

the sister wives The star opened up about his feelings, after watching Kody tell the nation that he wasn’t attracted to her. she said in Real life with Kate Casey it was a, “moment of empowerment”. TLC viewers were shocked to hear Christine share that, and as they look back on their marriage, more and more examples of Kody’s disdain stand out. Christine shared her thoughts with listeners, as she revealed that her comments confirmed that her breakup was the right decision for her. She went on to say that once she found out that Kody wasn’t attracted to her, it was like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. She told fans that she was, “time to move on.”


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Kody Brown with Christine Brown in Sister Wives posing outside with the mountain in the background

The specific comment that sparked Christine about her troubled marriage was made by Kody during an episode in September of sister wives. He admitted that he was not attracted to Christine on her wedding day in 1994. The father of 18 revealed that he felt pressured to join the union and did not. “know better at the time”. Weather sister wives fans were seething with anger, Christine took the comment in stride and began to make big decisions in life.

It’s clear that Christine has no regrets about the end of their 25-year marriage. sister wives Viewers have been watching Christine gracefully walk away from the sizable polygamous family, as she shared that she doesn’t want a relationship with Meri and Robyn Brown (at the moment, anyway). Christine packed up her things with glee and sold her Arizona home, all the while holding her head high. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Kody, who has been acting like a child.

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Kody finds it hard to win sympathy, mainly because sister wives fans feel that he neglected most of his family during the global pandemic. Kody is now going through the throes of grief as he watches his ex-wife thrive. For a man who claimed not to be physically attracted to his wife, Kody is sure he’s trying to hold on to Christine by any means necessary. However, he no longer lets one man control his destiny. He’s apparently already forgotten about her cruel comments, since he’s clearly getting the last laugh.

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Source: Reality Life with Kate Casey

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