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Snapchat’s Crying Face Filter Was Viewed Over 9 Billion Times In 2022

Snapchat ends 2022 by sharing favorite filters, music, and more. Explore the most notable features of the platform, including the Crying Face lens.

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Snapchat is ready to ring in the new year, but not without honoring the remarkable achievements of 2022. A new year for some means a fresh start or a reset of goals to achieve. On social media, 2023 means setting new goals and looking to the future. But before social media platforms embark on a new year, they need to reflect on the successes that allow them to walk into January with pride.

With the end of the year in sight, Snapchat has a lot to celebrate. The social media platform has documented the success of the app in its “How Snapchat captured you in 2022” mail. Since Snapchat is famous for its lenses, it is natural that it shows the most used filters of this year. In the company’s article, the application presents the most popular effects of the year, the best sounds used in Snaps, the programs of favorite TV and movies shared by users, and the most popular locations captured in Snaps.


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Best of Snapchat 2022

Title Chart

Snapchat users enjoyed the Crying Face lens to the fullest. According to data provided by Snap Inc, the lens has been viewed more than 9.7 billion times since its launch in May. That, without a doubt, makes it the most popular filter on the app. Still, Snapchat provides other notable mentions such as Shook Lenses, Tongue Tied, Cartoon Kid, and Cute Animal. While Snapchat did not provide the data for these filters, there is no denying their popularity, as these filters were leaked on Instagram and TikTok.

Snap Stories with music skyrocketed in popularity more than three times, according to Snapchat. “Happy Birthday” for vitamin A, “The Haraka Of” by Ahmed Helmy, “like me better” by Lauv, “Delicious” by Justin Bieber and “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals were all songs Snapchat recognized in the 2022 roundup. Snapchat even recognized movies and shows that sparked discussion on the platform, like Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Y Cobra Kai. Snapchat concluded the celebratory article by recognizing its most popular destinations captured in Snaps. And while Big Ben and the Empire State Building were among the top tourist attractions, the airport was ranked #1 in tagged locations.

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But 2022 isn’t over yet, and neither is Snapchat. Starting the week of December 19, eligible users can view their personalized Year-End Stories. If users have Snapped enough stories, they will find the feature in their memories by swiping up. Want more ways to celebrate 2022 coming to a close? Spotify Wrapped has its thing Snapchat lens showing users listening to personalities.

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