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Dominic turned against his father

Dominic turned against his father
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It finally happened and it’s one of the prime examples of why I believe predictability isn’t always a negative in professional wrestling. There has been no greater disappointment in WWE over the past year than Dominic Mysterio, son of Rey Mysterio’s visionary squared circle. in My predictions for “Castle Clash” In the video, she predicted Doomsday to defeat Mysterio and the Elder Edge. This did not happen. What I got straight out of that match was the 25-year-old son of the 619 master to run my door.

After temporarily celebrating their victory, Edge was kicked in the dick by Dominic. Ray tried to reason with his son afterward, but did not take off his head until moments later. It was the most impressive and credible move I’ve seen from the younger Mysterio, and it’s a promising and unfortunate fact of how Dominic got to this point. We’re in Year 3 to make Ray’s son so interesting on his own since his debut at SummerSlam 2020. Here we go Labor Day weekend and this is his best chance yet. This may also be the last.

Dominic is not in danger of losing a job. This is far from my point of view. He started training professional wrestling only four years ago. A major WWE spot of his caliber, involvement in a well-woven web story, required the acumen of an experienced vet. Some wrestlers can be ahead of schedule development, Look at Matt Riddle. And there are examples, perhaps the son of one of the greatest weight cruisers of all time, that being a Hall of Famer dynasty doesn’t mean you pick up the art form straight because of genes.

When Dominic reappeared on WWE TV 14 years after being involved in a feud where guarding his story was up in the air between Ray and the late Eddie Guerrero, the young man looked like the skeleton of a good wrestler. He obviously had the mental capacity to be great and all he needed was time to hone his skills. Show Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship defense against Ray Dominic. Everyone who participated looked great. Small improvements occurred after his solo debut. Nowadays, we’re still out there, looking for more Ray’s son with no concrete evidence of better character or internal skills. Even hit the low and the bowl on Saturday.

Dominic’s flaws are not one hundred percent his fault. Remember that whole family story again with Seth Rollins and his sister Alia kissing Buddy Murphy? Yes, gross, and not exactly what a promising future in WWE should be involved in. And in his first year in the company, there were no fans in the building. This undeniable exchange between the wrestler and the fans was not part of Dominic’s slang during the most important time of his career to learn it. AEW benefited from the presence of crowds At 10 percent capacity to give its younger stars a chance to get that feeling. Tony Kahn’s crew also had roster members front-row in the ring. WWE settled on ThunderDome.

This response from a live audience makes every wrestling event different and helps dictate long-running stories. Did he become Roman’s current character without being dismissed as an overwhelmingly likable face? no. It’s as if Dominic didn’t express enough in this exchange. This role in heels is a new lease on life for him. The feud with his father can be startling. Ray is one of the best “good guys” in WWE history. And you’ll give Dominic someone to work with who has strong chemistry with him.

This change of course was supposed to happen months ago. Now that Dominic has got a new lease on life within WWE, he needs to take advantage of it. It’s never too late for a massive improvement, but if he can’t argue with his TV dad, what is your belief that anything else with him can work? happened Paul “Triple H” Levesque Tighten the strings and this will help support it. Now is the time for Dominic to dive or swim.

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