Space startups need to start preparing for a post-Starship world

SpaceX’s superheavy launch The Starship system is poised to fundamentally reshape the space economy. The 394-foot-tall vehicle, which took to the skies for the first time last month, is designed to carry a staggering amount of mass into low-Earth orbit and deep space.

TechCrunch+ spoke to three pure play space venture capitalists: Space Capital founder and managing partner Chad Anderson, Space.VC founder and general partner Jonathan Lacoste, and E2MC Ventures founder Raphael Roettgen to learn more. information on how they advise founders to think about the super heavyweight of Starship. transcendence.

While the trio diverge on many sore points, they all agreed that the founders should now think about how Starship might affect their operations, for better or worse.

“Starship is of such high importance to the space industry that probably almost everyone with a space business needs to know what that means for their business,” Roettgen said.

Changing the face of the launch…

The most obvious way that Starship is likely to revolutionize the industry is to continue the trend that SpaceX firmly established with the debut of Falcon 9: further reduce the cost of mass launches into space. Starship will be capable of carrying 100 to 150 tons of the stuff into orbit, a paradigm-shifting amount that far exceeds the payload capacity of any rocket humans have ever designed.

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