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Spider-Man Star Reveals That He Pitched Flash’s Depressing Backstory

Spider-Man: No Way Home Actor Tony Revolori launched a major part of his Spiderman the character’s backstory. The character Flash Thompson is a staple of Spiderman the media, often appearing as Peter Parker’s classmate who bullies Peter but idolizes Spider-Man. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Revolori took over the role in spiderman: homecomingbringing to life an updated version of the Flash with his rich, hilarious and somewhat pathetic iteration of the character. Spider-Man: Far From Home he sought to make Flash a more three-dimensional character by adding some backstory in the form of his strained relationship with his parents, which became a running joke in the franchise.


During a conversation with the hollywood reporter, Revolori reveals that he introduced Flash’s sad backstory involving the character’s absentee parents. The actor claims it was his idea that Flash’s parents didn’t show up after his tumultuous European jaunt, making up for references to his wealthy but neglectful parents in the earlier films. After filming the scene with Flash’s driver picking him up instead of his parents, more scenes were added to further hint at Flash’s depressing home life, including the addition of his worried text messages to his parents. . While Revolori notes the hilarious nature of those moments, they suggest a tragic character arc that expresses a desire to explore further. Check out what the actor had to say below:

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“What’s really funny is that I was the one who brought it up. I’m the one who made it happen. In Far From Home, when everyone is picked up by their parents, the Flash’s driver, Gerald, who is holding the Thompson sign, was actually supposed to that he was going to play Flash’s father. But the day before, I was having a drink with one of the producers, Chris Buongiorno, and we were trying to figure out what else could be fun. And I think I said to him, ‘What if his parents , after all this, they still don’t show up?’ So it ended up being a funny joke, but we shot both versions with that actor as Flash’s father and Flash’s driver. So the driver version ended up being the funny one, and that’s the one they ended up using. And then in the publication, [when Peter puts on the E.D.I.T.H. glasses], they added Flash’s text to his mom that he hadn’t heard from her or his dad. So it ended up being a fun joke, but if those movies continue and I’m asked, I’d love to explore it further. I always imagined they were just rich parents who never really wanted to spend time with their son, but I’ll leave that backstory to the writers. They know what they’re doing.”

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Why Flash’s Absent Parents Were Great For His Character

Flash Thompson uses his phone in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

While the Flash was an irritating presence to Peter (Tom Holland) and Ned (Jacob Batalon) at best and a bully at worst, the moments Revolori discusses above point to a deeper reason behind their cruel ways. Of course, the character’s home life is no excuse for taking aim at his fellow students, especially when Peter and Ned are his partners in the Academic Decathlon, but the possibility that there’s something beneath the surface of his antics makes his character tick. be more interesting. The MCU movies’ handling of the Flash as comic relief rather than a true threat also makes it easier to invest in and sympathize with him, as he seems younger and more pathetic than other versions of the Flash.

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It might have been interesting to explore a more intense version of the Flash, but the MCU’s Peter Parker already had a lot on his plate in terms of actual enemies due to his interactions with other Marvel heroes and villains. This made Flash’s addition to the MCU an opportunity to explore Spider-Man’s impact on Peter’s fellow students, as the movies made Revolori’s Flash a huge fan of the webslinger. Giving Flash neglectful parents and a dismal home life offered a new dimension to the character’s Spider-Man fandom, as his love for the hero could stem from his own emotional desire to feel like someone was there for him. Thus, it gives him a personal connection to Spider-Man that sets him apart from many other MCU characters.

Will Flash return in the UCM?

Flash Thompson talks to Peter in Spider-Man: Far From Home

As Spider-Man: No Way Home ended with every character forgetting who Peter was, it’s likely the MCU will take a new direction with subsequent Spider-Man movies, despite the chemistry between Holland, Batalon, and Zendaya. With Peter out of school and focusing on a new era in his life as a superhero, the Flash may not have a big role in the later movies. However, Spider-Man seems to remain in New York, raising the possibility that Flash could appear in a cameo in the future. Spiderman movies or even in a bigger role like Venom.

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Source: THR

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