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Spider-Man’s Superhero Allies Officially Consider Him a Joke

Iron Man is having a hard time. Tony Stark has money problems and keeps getting attacked. But regardless… at least it’s not Spider-Man.

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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The invincible iron man #1It’s no secret that Peter Parker Spiderman It’s got tough stuff in the Marvel Universe, but Tony Stark’s latest adventure proves that other superheroes not only know they hate him, but they think it’s pretty funny.

Although he feels like he’s doing well, things have been tough for Iron Man lately. After spending all of his money to take exotic supervillain technology off the market, he lost his signature tower in New York City, as well as Avengers Mansion. Besides, he no longer has his house in Malibu. He currently lives in a very humble building that just blew up in a mysterious explosion. Feeling responsible, he paid all the victims who were injured in the explosion. Now, Tony Stark is losing money.


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Things get worse for Tony Stark in The invincible iron man #1 by Gerry Duggan and Juan Frigeri. As he flies through the air in his only remaining Iron Man suit, Tony is punched into an office building. He apologizes to the workers whose cubicles he destroyed, but that doesn’t necessarily make things better. As Tony recovers and charges at the armored enemy that hit him, he comments that he is beginning to feel like Spider-Man. This is an obvious reference to the fact that Wall-Crawler’s status quo is being pummeled by endless villains while he barely has two cents to rub.

Iron Man’s life is getting so bad he feels like Spider-Man

iron man punches the bad guy

When Spider-Man first appeared on the scene, he was a refreshing hero for comics. Most of the heroes were wealthy individuals or professional geniuses like Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and Bruce Wayne, who treated superhero creation as an adventure. Spider-Man was meant to represent the average Joe whose problems included simply going to school and trying to get money for rent. Spidey also faced unique problems that played on his bad luck, such as becoming a hate figure for popular newspapers. the daily bugler, which ensured that there was always someone to catch him. But after decades of being down on his luck and dealing with everyday problems, it’s become a cliché for Spider-Man to constantly suffer setbacks that even other heroes have noticed.

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It’s very telling that when Tony Stark goes through a rough patch in his life, his first inclination is to say that he feels like Spider-Man. For those in the Marvel superhero community, Spider-Man’s problems have become so universal that he is now the butt of the joke. It’s also telling that he decides to make this comment after taking a punch, leading readers to believe that Tony Stark equates Spider-Man with a beating. That’s not to say Spider-Man isn’t tough, and his fellow heroes certainly recognize that. Nevertheless, Spiderman he’s known for taking beatings on a fairly regular basis, which is another indicator that his reputation as a punching bag is a joke to other heroes.

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The invincible iron man #1 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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