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Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, highlights of the 2022 Asian Cup: Sri Lanka clings to nerves and defeats Bangladesh to enter Super 4 | cricket news

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Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh: Kusal Mendes scored half a century for Sri Lanka.© AFP

Asian Cup 2022, SL vs Ban, HighlightsChasing a total of 184, Sri Lanka kept its nerve to reach the goal in 19.2 matches against Bangladesh and qualified for the Super 4 in the Asian Cup. Sri Lanka’s chase boosted opener Kosal Mendes with 37 ball 60 and captain Dasin Chanaka 33 ball 45 as they did not allow the pressure to take over. Earlier, Bangladesh managed to publish a total of 183 for seven. Afif Hussain, 39, forged a 57-year partnership with Mahmudullah after Bangladesh was reeling at 87 to four. Mehdi Hassan Miraz, 38, had given Bangladesh a flying start, even though access points at the other end had fallen. Sri Lanka won the lottery and was elected to play. Both teams lost to Afghanistan in their opening match. (score card)

Eleventh play in Sri Lanka: Pathum Nisanka, Kosal Mendes (W), Sharith Asalanka, Dhanushka Junathilaka, Bhanukka Rajapaksa, Wanindo Hsaranga, Dason Chanaka (C), Shamika Karunaratne, Mahesh Thikchana, Dilshan Madhuchanka, Asita Fernando

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Bangladesh XI: Sabbir Rahman, Mushfiqur Rahim(w), Shakib Al Hasan(c), Afif Hossain, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain, Mahedi Hasan, Taskin Ahmed, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Mustafizur Rahman, Ebadot Hossain

Here are the highlights of the 2022 AFC Asian Cup, the Group B match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from Dubai International Stadium

  • 23:24 (actually)

    Asian Cup: This is a summary from us for today

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    Thanks for following up. We will see you tomorrow in the crucial match between Hong Kong and Pakistan from Sharjah.

  • 23:23 (actually)

    SL vs BAN: Sri Lanka wins and qualifies for Super 4

    The drama unfolds with Sri Lanka beating Bangladesh by two wickets to reach Super 4. What an end! Exciting game. Sri Lankan tail holders needed a step up and this is what they did. Sri Lanka completed the highest successful pursuit in the T20Is Asian Cup

  • 23:18 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: Fernando finds the limits

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    Fernando picks the gap! He hits this on the covers and luckily there was no protection outside the circuit and he would get four runs.

  • 23:15 (actually)

    SL vs BAN: Shakib hits the target point

    Shakib direct hit and Karunaratne goes. Excellent veil ends.

  • 23:12 (actually)

    SL vs BAN: finds the gap and will get four runs

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    He moves across the man and pulls him away from his thin leg. Oh dear, it’s getting worse. You have skipped Abadot.

  • 23:08 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: WICKET!

    Shenkah C. Mossadeq Hussein B. Mahdi Hassan 45 (33) [4s-3 6s-2]

    A very important little gateway to Sri Lanka. The match is heading towards the wire!

  • 22:55 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: Sri Lanka is collapsing

    His back is so long, Hasaranga gives himself space and looks to fling him away on the covers, but the bat turns around in his hands and can only beat him up to deep cover

  • 22:50 (actually)

    SL vs BAN: Excellent capture by Taskin

    Mendes leaves after five reprieves. Mendes climbs up a slope but doesn’t get all of it, while Tuskin runs off the third man, takes her downhill, and dives forward.

  • 22:45 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: Fifty for Mendis

    Fifty for Mendes. Excellent ways under pressure. Sri Lanka is still imagining its opportunities

  • 22:36 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: This is a snapshot

    Clean as a whistle! He was in the aperture of Shanaka, and he scanned the middle border

  • 22:21 (actually)

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    SL vs BAN: a perfect field situation

    Rajapaksa goes straight up the throat of the third man! Sri Lanka loses the fourth wicket

  • 22:12 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: What a catch

    Ebadot took third but all the credit goes to Taskin, who runs about 20m off his beautiful leg and dives forward to keep a great shot.

  • 21:59 (actual)

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    SL vs. BAN: Soft Separation

    Abadot strikes again! Asalanka goes down the track and looks to hit this halfway, but he can only pass a dummy to the man stationed there

  • 21:55 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: top edge and gone

    Easy dismissal! Mendis goes for a pull and runs a nice top edge to the midwicket.

  • 21:46 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: How about that shot from Nissanka

    He wraps it and wipes it over the man with a short, thin leg.

  • 21:44 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: BANG!

    At the hatch, Nissanka takes the Mustafizur for a spin. He was able to swing across the bow

  • 21:40 (IST)

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    SL vs. BAN: The End of the Second

    Seven run away from him. Mendes also gets a reprieve after Raheem drops him behind the sticks.

  • 21:25 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: The End of the Roles

    Excellent finishing from Bangladesh. Some important contributions from Mosaddegh and Taskin after Afif and Mahdi caused damage earlier

  • 21:19 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: BANG!

    good injury! Fly over extra cover. He gives himself a room and smokes it widely for half a dozen

  • 21:12 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: someone else is biting the dust

    Mahdi Hassan fails to read the slower lines and gets trapped in front of tree trunks. He goes to the DRS, but the decision remains

  • 21:09 (actually)

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    SL vs BAN: Believe it, we bow!

    Mosaddeq goes into the reverse scanning process and connects! No player in the deep sea and Bangladesh will get to the limits

  • 21:07 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: Mahmoud Allah is leaving

    Mahmoud Allah misses the trip and gets out in the middle of the road. Easy to pick up Karunaratne

  • 21:03 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: chaste holes

    Afif was looking to be straighter but loses his shape and ends up being dragged into the corner of the cow. Easy to pick up for Hasaranga

  • 20:58 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: End of 16

    Excellent post for Bangladesh. 13 off that. They are 138/4 with four amounts to go. How many more can they conjure?

  • 20:54 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: Withdraw for six

    Good sound and goes all the way! Only defeats the man in the depth. Excellent shot by Afif

  • 20:50 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: swept for six!

    In the hole, Mahmudullah gets down on his knee and straightens the middle for six.

  • 20:43 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: Went all the way for six

    Chaste googly slots for six! He sweeps and hits her just above the deep square leg

  • 20:38 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: This is the end of the 12

    After 12 increases, Bangladesh 91/4. Only 3 runs outside of it.

  • 20:29 (actually)

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    SL vs. Ban: Out

    Mahesh Thikshana beats Bangladeshi Rabban Shakib Al-Hassan, after scoring 24 points. Bangladesh at 4/87 after 10.3 amounts.

  • 20:24 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: That’s moving away from the border

    Afif gets the faintest of touches out of the gauntlet and strays off limits.

  • 20:22 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: Cheeky from Shakib

    Shakib mixes and scoops it over a short third leg for the second straight border

  • 20:21 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: Shakib has reached a milestone

    Shakib has completed 6000 rounds of international cricket. What an achievement for a Bangladeshi captain

  • 20:17 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: omitted and delayed

    Mashafiqour is gone! Far back, the hitter tries to defend his back. Takes a thick edge through to Mendis behind the stumps

  • 20:14 (actually)

    SL vs Ban: Bangladesh 59/2 after 7.0 amounts

    Wanindu Hasaranga’s Mehdi Hasan Miraz was sent off for 38 rounds, Sri Lanka’s current score is 59/2, after 7.0 increments.

  • 20:07 (actually)

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    SL vs. BAN: Throwing

    Hasaranga strikes! Mehdi Hassan cleans up Miraz who was looking dangerous. Big little gate to Sri Lanka

  • 20:05 (actually)

    SL vs. BAN: Out

    Sharpen and take! Sabbir goes to the crevice again but misses. He only gets a thick edge behind the guards

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