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Star Wars: 10 Sequel Trilogy Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time

Most of the criticism of Star Wars The sequel to the trilogy goes back to the fact that it wasn’t planned from the start. lucasfilm made Episode VIthen he realized Episode VIIIthen i figured out how to put it all together in Episode IX. As a result of this unplanned storytelling, many promising characters and narrative threads ended up falling by the wayside.

From Rose Tico to Maz Kanata to the Knights of Ren, there is a long list of exciting but underdeveloped characters from the Star Wars sequel to the trilogy that deserved a lot more screen time to flesh out its arcs.

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10/10 captain phasma

Played by Gwendoline Christie, Captain Phasma had the potential to be this trilogy’s answer to Boba Fett. Like Fett, she is a cool girl with a stern face hidden under a helmet; a villain who only speaks when necessary and lets her blaster do the talking the rest of the time.

Unfortunately, Phasma ended up following Fett’s footsteps too closely. He got an incredible showing in one movie, then suffered a quick and unceremonious death in the next.

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9/10 jannah

Jannah was introduced too late to get the development she deserved. She didn’t show up until the rise of skywalker, and even then, she doesn’t appear until about halfway through the movie. Jannah served as another love interest for Finn after her blossoming relationships with Rey and Rose went nowhere.

Like Finn, Jannah is a former Stormtrooper who defected from the First Order to join the Resistance. Naomi Ackie did the best she could with the material she was given, but she should have given her so much more.

8/10 there is no fear

One of the few highlights of the rise of skywalker it was the adorable debut of Babu Frik. Babu is the diminutive droid engineer who unlocks the ancient Sith language inexplicably hidden in C-3PO’s memory unit.

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Brought to life with old-school puppet effects and an endearing vocal performance by Shirley Henderson, Babu gave Grogu a run for his money as the cutest character in a galaxy far, far away.

7/10 Loyal General Pryde

Richard E. Grant is tailor-made for the role of a smarmy imperial bureaucrat. But his Star Wars character, Allegiant General Pryde, was not introduced until the rise of skywalkerin which he competes with General Hux to influence Kylo Ren’s decision-making.

Pryde gets a cool death scene on the bridge of a Star Destroyer being blown up in spectacular style by a Resistance starfighter. But he should have had some more substantial scenes before that.

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6/10 maz kanata

When Rey found Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in Maz Kanata’s basement and wondered how it got there after falling into a bottomless pit in Cloud City, Maz said it was “a good story…for another time”. But that other time never came.

the Star Wars The team had one of the best actors in the world at their disposal in Lupita Nyong’o, but after her tantalizing performance in the force awakensMaz limited himself to a brief video call on the last jedi and relegated to a blink-and-miss cameo in the rise of skywalker.

5/10 emperor palpatine

In the rise of skywalker, after audiences rejected Supreme Leader Snoke as a rip-off of Emperor Palpatine, the filmmakers decided to make Palpatine the villain. Weakly explained in the infamous line, “Somehow Palpatine came back.” the rise of skywalker raised the Emperor from the dead.

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If Palpatine was going to be the big bad of the sequel trilogy, he should have been set up much sooner. His role in the story felt rushed as he was completely confined to the rise of skywalker.

4/10 Finnish

In the force awakens, Finn was introduced on an equal footing with Rey as one of the sequel trilogy’s heroes. However, as the trilogy progressed, Rey took over as the sole lead and Finn sadly fell by the wayside.

An ex-Stormtrooper leaving his evil empire, training as a Jedi, and ultimately freeing the galaxy from that empire would have been a unique and definitive experience. Star Wars hero. But the sequel trilogy squandered the opportunity to tell that story as Finn was increasingly marginalized.

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3/10 Lieutenant Connix

Carrie Fisher’s real-life daughter, Billie Lourd, was cast in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Lourd played one of the top commanders of the Resistance forces alongside General Leia Organa in the role of Lieutenant Connix.

Like her mother, Lourd is a great actress. She proved it with her great performance as Gigi in the Olivia Wilde movie. smart booking. But in the Star Wars sequels, she was confined to a background role.

2/10 the knights of ren

From the beginning of the sequel trilogy, Kylo Ren was introduced as the overlord of the Knights of Ren. His evil minions who wield the Force briefly appeared in Rey’s vision in the force awakensthen it didn’t even get a mention in the last jedi. In the rise of skywalkerwhen the Knights of Ren made their long-awaited visionless debut, they just stood there.

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There’s a cool shot of them gathering on a rock in Pasaana, then Ben Solo quickly slaughters them in the final battle. After so much accumulation, the Knights of Ren deserved a more substantial reward.

1/10 tica rose

Rose Tico was introduced to the last jedi as an ordinary woman with whom the audience could identify. After that promising introduction, and a great performance from Kelly Marie Tran, it seemed like a no-brainer to make Rose a part of the main group in the rise of skywalkermuch like Lando joining the main cast in the original trilogy.

But in the rise of skywalkerIn the difficult two-and-a-half hour runtime, Rose only appears for just over a minute. After being sidelined in the sequel trilogy, Rose deserves her own Disney+ series.

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