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“Start respecting local languages”: Minister Telangana KTR to IndiGo

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20220925 184858

'Start respecting local languages': Minister Telangana KTR to IndiGo

Minister KTR also offered IndiGo a “win-win solution” to address the language issues.

New Delhi:

A Telugu woman, sitting in the emergency exit row, was allegedly forced to change seats on an IndiGo plane because she did not speak English. The incident, which occurred two days ago on the Vijaywada-Hyderabad route (flight 6E7297), drew the attention of the Minister of Telangana, KT Rama Rao, or KTR.

The Minister has urged the airline to “start respecting local languages”.

“Dear @IndiGo6E management, I ask you to start respecting local languages ​​and passengers who may not be very familiar with English or Hindi,” the Minister said.

Respect for the local language, resistance and resentment at the imposition of Hindi, without giving non-Hindi speakers a choice as to whether or not they want to learn Hindi, is a source of emotional and sentimental anger among the non-Hindi speaking population Hindi, especially in the south.

“On regional routes, hiring more staff who can speak the local language, such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, etc. This will be a win-win solution,” added the minister.

IndiGo has not yet responded to the Minister or the accusation against him.

Devasmita Chakraverty, an assistant professor of education at IIM Ahmedabad, who highlighted the incident, said the woman was forced to give up her seat because the assistant called it a “security issue.”

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“The woman in green who was originally sitting in 2A (seat XL, exit row) was forced to sit in 3C because she only understood Telugu, not English/Hindi. The attendant said it’s a security issue,” he said. Ms. Chakraverty, who also posted a photo. of the woman in her new seat and called it #discrimination.

Ms. Chakraverty said that the flight did not have instructions in Telugu.

“The AP flight to Telangana has no instructions in Telugu, the attendant said it is a security issue that she does not understand English/Hindi. If we are not satisfied, we (not her) should complain. Without dignity, non-Hindi are treated as second class citizens. in their own state,” added Chakraverty.

In reaction to Ms. Chakraverty’s post, several people pointed out that this is not language discrimination, but part of security protocol.

Others noted that given India’s large number of languages, it will be difficult for airlines to include cabin crew who speak the local languages.

“@JM_Scindia I look forward to resolving this on a systemic level. As a policy, safety briefings should be available in all languages ​​and used as needed, not just English/Hindi. It’s a matter of safety, dignity and treating everyone alike. I hope he does the right thing,” Ms Chakraverty added.

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There has been no statement from the affected woman about the incident or the Union aviation minister, Mr. Scindia.

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