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Summer Walker Jokingly Urges Her Ex-Boyfriend To Get A $200,000 Sex Proposal Hours After Revealing She’s Single

summer walker He seems to be handling his latest breakup with grace and a bit of humor! On Sunday, the R&B singer shared a video kiki-doing with pharaoh lordalias larry, the father of her unborn child and Bubbles’s claimed stepfather. At the core of his prank was an alleged sexual proposition to Larry that was worth a BIG DOLLAR!

“No, really. Go get him and bring him back,” Summer told Larry. “Whoever was trying to pay, they’re good as f*ck. I think 200 is worth it.”

When Larry asked Summer to cut the camera, she refused, replying: “no, this is hilarious; go get the money, become an OnlyFans man.” Then, continuing the joke, Larry replied: “I could really make a few million real quick.”

Summer says she’s single and “no hard feelings”

The moment came hours after Summer opened up online about the status of their relationship. She admitted to being a single woman who is happy with her decision rather than harboring any hard feelings.

“People have been trying to be bad at my business lately dont know why they need updates on my life lol like go touch the grass but i have decided to be single its not hard feelings,” Summer wrote. “Larry is an amazing father. There are certain things that I will not tolerate, but we are super happy to have all our children and just live life.

Summer also detailed Larry’s involvement in his children’s lives, from being in “Every swim class, every photo shoot, every doctor’s appointment, and every baby event.”

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In October 2021, Summer was in a different place with Larry, even bragging about how he treats her and Bubbles and how it improves their “overall quality of life”. By the end of November, the couple had each other’s names written on their faces, a decision Summer doesn’t seem to regret!

“And no I’m not taking my face off, I still have so much love for him,” Summer wrote in her breakup reveal.

In March, the couple was still going strong, with Larry showing off his romantic side!

Then in June, Walker revealed that she and Larry had expanded their blended family. It’s still unclear if they’re expecting a girl or a boy, but Summer quickly shut down the twin rumors after starting the conversation over baby gifts.

Walker says he prefers “peace and happiness”, Larry apparently replies

In her breakup reveal, Walker referenced the continuing trend of divorces, separations, and cheating allegations in the media. Unlike women in such situations, Ella Walker said she is willing to walk away rather than “stay for the picture,” the compromised state, or “excuse me Birkins and cars”.

“The only difference between them and me and the rest of you is that I prefer my peace and happiness so I’m walking away,” Walker wrote. “Relax with all that, ‘wow, she’s not married yet.’ I could have been married to either of my child’s parents, there are certain things I will not tolerate, but NOTHING was a mistake. I wanted all my children at the age of 25 to have a PURPOSE and I did just that. They are perfect, beautiful and make me happier than I could ever be. But 95% of you are in the same situation or worse, so save it.”

Still, Summer didn’t mention Larry’s specific behavior that she’s not willing to overlook. Larry, on the other hand, had a message about the Internet’s influence on happiness, shortly after Summer’s revelation.

“Don’t let the internet determine your happiness, determine your happiness. Don’t go to the internet for validation, this is an app made for entertainment,” Larry wrote on IG Story. “Work, take care of your children, travel the world and live life. Don’t let anything you can’t control determine your actions or your happiness. Keep it at 100%.”

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