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Super Crooks is the Suicide Squad DC Wish They Had

Warning contains SPOILERS for Super Crooks Season 1!In the Netflix anime super thievesthe nicest version of Millarworld of the suicide squad proves that self-interest, rather than sketchy deals with the government, is all a supervillain needs to take a bite out of crime.

The Studio Bones produced super thieves is based on Mark Millar and Leinil Yu’s super thieves and follows the adventures of Johnny Bolt, a supervillain who originally wanted to be a superhero but, after injuring dozens of people in his superhero debut, decides a life of crime was more suited to his skill set. Johnny’s bad luck follows him throughout his career. Time and time again, just as he is steps away from pulling off the heist that will set him up forever, some superhero steps in to derail his dream. After serving time for his latest failed caper, his girlfriend Kasey, who is also a supervillain, decides she’s had enough crime and wants to settle down. She tells Johnny that if he wants to keep her, he must either quit crime now or pull off the mega heist he’s been dreaming of so he doesn’t have to be a criminal anymore. Tired of being arrested and scared of losing Kasey, Johnny signs up for one last adventure. He teams up with a group of other mid-level supervillains to sideline the world’s top bad boy, the famous Bastard.

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While the story shares many similarities with DC’s Suicide Squad, it differs in one key area, namely the intent of the supervillains. The difference in the intentions of the members of the two groups is fundamental to the super thieves not only being more likeable than the Suicide Squad, but also making them the super-powered anti-hero group that DC might have wanted when creating the Suicide Squad in the first place. For the members of the Suicide Squad, their intentions are to get out of prison faster. This desire is so intense that they are willing to participate in clandestine operations missions for the government against targets that even superheroes would not touch. Besides these jobs being extremely dangerous, the government has all the influence. Consequently, jobs do not help them become better people. In fact, the jobs are likely to make them more evil.

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super thieves Ask if the villains can change their ways

In contrast, for Johnny and the other members of the super thieves, they need to do their job to stay out of jail. They have a vested interest in the job that is more than just “shaving months off a sentence.” The work will have real effects that will change your life. In Johnny’s case, failure will not only cause him to lose the love of his life, it will also make him a supervillain for life. Also, unlike some “threats” run by the Suicide Squad, if the super thieves are able to eliminate “The Bastard” from the most heinous criminals, the real benefits will manifest in the community, the country and the world.

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The fact that Suicide Squad has so little “skin in the game” makes it difficult for the creative team to focus on anything other than action-heavy stories and situations with classic supervillain themes. There is very little creative room to show any redeeming value for members in performing jobs. That’s not the case with super thieves. They are bad people who have done bad things, but now they chose to do a little good, of their own free will they want to do it, and in the process they save themselves from having to do bad again. It is unlikely that a similar or even potential change of heart will be found among the suicide squadmembers of . In fact, this does super thieves the best team of anti-heroes DC wishes they had.

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super thieves It is now available to watch on Netflix.

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