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Supergirl Fanart Shows Why She’s DC’s REAL Symbol of Hope

Fanart by artist Mike Maihack shows Supergirl in her natural element and makes a good argument for why the hero is the DCU’s best symbol of hope.

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A new piece of fanart is really proving that the DC Universe’s greatest symbol of hope isn’t Superman, but supergirl. Artist Mike Maihack shows the Woman of Steel towering above the world and suggests that Kara could be a greater beacon of light than Clark.

Although Superman was seen as the last son of Krypton for years, it turned out that he wasn’t alone in the universe. Years after baby Kal-El was launched to Earth, Kara Zor-El arrived to join him. But due to some problems with space travel, Supergirl ended up much younger than her cousin, Superman. And though it took her some time to adjust to the ways of Earth, she eventually became one of her greatest assets. Kara isn’t just another member of the House of El, she’s a hero in her own right and a great role model for young heroes in the DCU.


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And a new piece of fanart communicates just how well Kara fits the role as a symbol of hope for the DC Universe. in a post on Twitter by artist Mike Maihack, simply write “Sunday afternoon Supergirl.Joining the message is an image of Supergirl hanging out with Streaky the Supercat high up in the clouds. Kara is wearing her classic long-sleeve and red skirt combo and is perched on a cloud seat as her trusty feline sits next to her. Both Supergirl and Streaky have a smug look on their faces, as if nothing could interrupt the perfect day they’re both having. Kara isn’t brawling with Lex Luthor or going toe-to-toe with Darkseid. Outside of the lovely demure and positive vibes one would expect from an optimistic hero.

Supergirl ready to take Superman’s place?

What makes the picture truly impressive is knowing how far Supergirl has come since her arrival in the DC Universe. Kara came to Earth as a teenager, and memories of Krypton’s destruction clung to her in ways Superman can’t know. Supergirl had to radically change into a new world and culture, as well as be given powerful, almost godlike abilities. To top it off, the world at large feared her as they lovingly embraced her cousin. Supergirl’s journey has been a difficult one, but after all she’s been through, she can still smile.

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Maihack’s art sums up what’s good about Kara. Sure, she might be angry with her lot in her life. But Supergirl has grown up after everything she’s been through. She let go of the things she can’t control and forged a path of her own making. She is at a point where she is finally over all the trauma and can be herself. Her story is an inspiration, and artwork like Mike Maihack’s shows the never-give-up attitude Kara has developed. If there is something that speaks of why supergirl should be DC’s symbol of hope, is this amazing piece of fanart.

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