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Tales of the Jedi: 10 Jedi From Video Games Who Deserve an Expanded Backstory

tales of the jedi it was a new experimental style of storytelling that allowed smaller stories about the Jedi to be explored. While season 1, for the most part, focused on Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku, hopefully future seasons can spend more time on Jedi whose origins are less well known.

Star Wars Video games have been around for years, and many characters debuted in these games and became fan favorites. With a galaxy as big as Star Wars, it’s time to step away from the Skywalker Saga characters and into the lesser-known parts of the galaxy.

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kyle katarn

Star Wars Kyle Katarn holds a Bryar pistol

Kyle Katarn’s story is one that many fans wanted to see back in Star Wars Canyon. Initially an Imperial officer, Katarn was recruited by rebel agent Jan Ors and together they would go on many missions. During his time in the Rebel Alliance, Kyle Katarn was the one who stole the Death Star plans (in Legends).

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He went on to serve in the Rebellion and became a Jedi Knight. Following the end of the Galactic Civil War, Katarn and Luke Skywalker together created the New Jedi Order, leading a new generation of Jedi. With a backstory as rich as Katarn’s, there’s no doubt there will be plenty of time to tell his story.

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threshing suduri

An unmasked Suduri Trilla from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Best known as the Second Sister as part of the Inquisition, Trilla emerged as EA’s top villain. Jedi: Fallen Order. While his fall to the dark side was explored in the game, it would be interesting to see Suduri’s time as a Jedi during the events of the Prequel Trilogy and clone warswhich would help develop her as a more sympathetic villain.

After being captured and tortured, Suduri’s master Cere Junda revealed Trilla’s location along with other Younglings. The betrayal sadly resulted in Trilla’s downfall to the Sith. Despite doing terrible things for the Empire, Trilla returned to the light in its last moments.

shan bastille

Bastila Shan from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
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With the next KOTOR remake in development, now would be the perfect time to reintroduce Bastila to casual audiences unfamiliar with the Old Republic era. Having her included would allow the series to showcase new abilities in the force never before seen on TV or in movies.

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Gifted with the powerful ability of battle meditation, Shan was instrumental in stopping Darth Malak’s Sith Empire from invading the galaxy. Although her mother abandoned her when she was a child and her parents were adventurers, not much is known of Shan’s past.

Bao Dur

bao dur stands in front of a tan background.

Meetra Surik’s loyal companion, Bao-Dur was a talented engineer and soldier who served with the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. Following the return of the Sith, Bao-Dur returned to Surik’s aid in defeating Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion.

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Throughout the events of Knights of the Old Republic II, Bao-Dur exhibits force abilities that lead Surik to train him as a Jedi Guardian. Since people becoming Jedi as adults are less common, it would be a unique change of pace to explore this.

jolee bindo

Image of Jolee Bindo facing the sunrise over the oceans of the water planet Manaan from Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

another character of the old republicJolee Bindo was a Gray Jedi who aided the Republic against Darth Malak’s Sith invasion. Bindo’s backstory is very compelling. Once a member of the Jedi Order, Bindo defied the Council’s orders and married a woman, then began training her.

During the Jedi-Sith War, Bindo’s wife sadly succumbed to the dark side, and instead of killing her when he had the chance, he let her go, sadly allowing him to kill many Jedi. Following this, Bindo left the Order and went into self-imposed exile on Kashyyyk. Seeing how he ended up in exile translated onscreen would be a treat for many fans, and while he’s less well known among newer fans, introducing a Gray Jedi to new canon would be very exciting.

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Taron Malicos

Taron Malicos Remains Shirtless And Scarred In Jedi Fallen Order

The story of Taron Malicos is very fascinating. After Palpatine’s annihilation of Dathomir, which killed nearly all of the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers, Malicos arrived on the planet after Order 66. After manipulating the Nightbrothers into fighting each other, Malicos was brought before their leader Viscus, whom he defeated in a trial by combat. becoming their new leader.

With his grim character, it’s interesting to think about what a Jedi could have been like. Showcasing his past and questionable moral compass at work in the Clone Wars would be very fascinating to experiment with and show more of the corruption within the Jedi Order.

Galen Marek

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Starkiller

Easily one of the most iconic. Star Wars video game characters, Starkiller has created a lasting impact among fans since his first appearance in Soul Calibur IV (which debuted three months earlier). the force unleashed). Since his in-game force abilities are pretty over the top, some significant changes would have to be made for the character to work in canon.

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It would also be difficult to explore Galen Marek as Darth Vader’s apprentice, since Vader was completely obedient to Palpatine. Previous attempts to return Marek to Canon included him appearing as an Arbiter in star wars: rebels, but this didn’t work. Having him as an Arbiter with a close connection to Vader would be great to see, along with his early upbringing with a powerful Jedi father.

lime lasted

A screenshot of rain drenched Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Cal’s journey from a recluse to finding his way back into the fight of the Rebellion is arguably one of the best character arcs in Star Wars. While his past was brought up with Order 66, there’s still a lot of the time of him escaping the Empire that hasn’t been seen.

With the tales of the jedi episode “Practice Makes Perfect” spending its time showcasing Ahsoka’s days as a Padawan, it would be great to see Cal’s early years with his teacher, Jaro Tapal, and could potentially interact with other Jedi from that time.

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Light Side Revan holds a lightsaber

Revan is undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars Legends. The whole story of him is one that fans have wanted to see in Canon for a long time. The Redemption of a Sith Lord who saved the galaxy is easily one of the most compelling arcs in the entire saga.

While he was given plenty of time to explore his return to the light, his descent to the dark side has only been told through expository dialogue in the games. Seeing it happen in animated form would be exciting to watch.

meetra suri

Meetra Surik looking confused.
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Originally only known as the Jedi Exile of Knights of the Old Republic II, this character would be officially classified as female (gender is chosen by the player in-game) and would be known as Meetra Surik in the Expanded Universe. One of the Jedi who left with Revan to fight in the Mandalorian Wars, Surik was later exiled and the Jedi had to win back her trust.

In the end, Surik defeated the last of the Sith at the time. What led to Surik’s exile is something that would translate well into a TV episode, especially in the context of the Old Republic, which is very different from the time of the Prequels and when the Jedi were more bureaucratic.

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