Taliban detained Three British men in Afghanistan

Taliban detained Three British men in Afghanistan


Three British men have been detained by the Taliban in Afghanistan

Taliban detained Three British men in Afghanistan, UK non-profit group the Presidium Network said on Saturday. The group said on Twitter it had been “working closely with two of the families”.

The men are identified as Miles Routledge, a YouTuber who travels to dangerous countries and posts about it online; Kevin Cornwell, a charity medic; and another unnamed UK national who manages a hotel in Kabul.

The UK’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it was “working hard to secure consular contact with British nationals detained in Afghanistan and we are supporting families”. It did not confirm the details of the British nationals.

Scott Richards of the Presidium Network told Sky News that he believed the arrests were a misunderstanding, after the three men were arrested after Taliban authorities received a tip off that they had a weapon.

He said he believed the men were “in good health and being well treated” and that they had not been subjected to any negative treatment such as torture.

He said he had engaged in conversations with the Taliban to help facilitate and clear up the matter. He said there had been “no meaningful contact” between authorities and the two men Presidium was assisting. These two men are believed to have been held by the Taliban since January. It is not known how long the third man has been held for.

Routledge was previously evacuated from Afghanistan by the British Army after the fall of Kabul in August 2021, according to the BBC. He has gained fame, and attracted controversy, by travelling to countries such as Iraq, Syria and North Korea.

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