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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ten killed in knife attack in remote communities in Canada

20220925 122537
20220925 122537

Police are searching for two men after a series of stabbing attacks in two communities in central Canada, which also left more than a dozen people injured.

Ten people were killed and at least 15 injured after two men were attacked with a knife in at least 13 locations in two regions of central Canada, according to police.

Rhonda Blackmore, assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said at a press conference that police responded to emergency calls on Sunday and found 10 dead in the James Smith Cree Nation Aboriginal community and nearby Weldon Township in Saskatchewan.

“Several additional victims were injured, 15 of whom were transferred at this stage to different hospitals,” she added.

She added that more victims may have made their way to hospitals on their own.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the attacks were “appalling and heartbreaking” and that the government was monitoring the situation closely.

“Thinking about those who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured,” he wrote on Twitter.

Police identified the two suspects on the rampage as Damian Sanderson and Miles Sanderson.

Officials said the two men, in their early 30s, were last seen in a black Nissan Rogue and were last seen in Regina, the provincial capital, about 320 km south of where the attacks took place.

Police in Saskatchewan issued a county-wide alert about dangerous people, with authorities in neighboring Alberta and Manitoba – a vast region roughly half the size of Europe – later following suit.

The James Smith Cree Nation, with a population of 2,500, has declared a local emergency.

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Diane Sher, a resident of nearby Weldon, said she was in her garden Sunday morning when she noticed emergency services close to her home.

Cher said her neighbor was killed. She did not want to know the victim out of respect for her family.

“I am very upset that I lost a good neighbour,” she told the Associated Press news agency.

“It’s horrific what happened in our county today,” said Blackmore of the police.

It appears that some of the victims may be targeted, and some may be random. So talking to a payer would be very difficult at this point in time.”

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