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The 10 Best Modern Horror Directors, According To Reddit

It’s autumn now and horror movies like Pearl Y Barbarian have been recently released. With screens about to show some movies from the biggest names in horror, it’s a great time to see what Reddit has to say about the genre. Throughout the last decade, there have been some directors who consistently provide viewers with great movies.

Some of these directors have just launched a project, have one coming soon, or haven’t worked in a few years. But horror fans will anticipate and go see any release from these directors.

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jordan peele

Jordan Peele is possibly the greatest horror director today. He won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his directorial debut, Salt, in 2017, and his next two films, U.S Y Nope, they were successful critically and financially.

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He has been frequently praised for his originality and all three movies he directed were original and felt like a breath of fresh air. Redditor MinsterBlackHoody says of Peele: “Original stories straight from a director with a singular vision and that’s so rare these days.” In an age that sees many remakes and reboots, Peele’s films helped remind audiences of what horror movies can do.

Ari Aster

Ari Aster’s horror career began with many short films, including The strange thing about the Johnsons. He made a big splash in the genre with Hereditary in 2018, hands down one of A24’s best horror movies. He returned to work with A24 with their next horror hit, Midsummer.

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Both of these movies were disturbing but incredibly well done. Redditor minos157 says they love Aster, and “will watch every movie he makes. Midsummer Y Hereditary they were fantastic!” He is able to build anticipation and make the viewer’s heart race by turning mundane things into scary and unsettling symbols of horror. His next film is due for release in 2023 and is titled Disappointment Blvd.

Robert Eggers

Similar to Aster, Eggers also has a lot of work to do with A24. He started with some short films, but his first big job, The witch, it was a success. She also saw significant success with her next film, The lighthousewhich is probably one of the most underrated physiological horror movies of the last decade.

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Both movies were beautifully shot, but they also gave the viewer this fatalistic feeling that lingers long after seeing the movie. However, it is not based solely on scares, since the cinematography of his films is also masterful. Redditor tr0nLenon says that Eggers is “at the top of my list of directors that I anticipate whatever they do next.” He has also been trying to make a Nosferatu redo with The witch star Anya Taylor-Joy.

james wan

James Wan has been responsible for directing an original film in three iconic modern horror franchises. He directed the first saw in 2004, then the first Insidious film in 2011, and was also in charge of the first two Prestidigitation Films.

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His last horror movie, Evil one, I also saw warm reviews. Wan’s genius is due, in part, to his ability to amplify the horror trope of a jump scare. Reddit user FlingaNFZ says: “The jump scares are annoying in most movies, but James Wan uses them very well.” Many audiences and horror fans consider the jump scare to be a cheap method of getting a reaction, but Wan’s ability to take them to the next level has earned him success.

mike flanagan

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Mike Flanagan has been involved in horror movies and TV series and one Redditor praises his work, calling him “definitely one of the best directors working in the horror space, in my opinion.” Flanagan’s work ranges from supernatural films, such as oculus Y Ouija: Origin of Evila the curse of the house on the hill, one of the best horror shows on Netflix.

Flanagan has capitalized on trends that were popular at the time. In the early 2010s, supernatural movies were prevalent, so he directed two that were well received by critics and fans. Both movies also attacked the psychological realm of horror that wasn’t taken much advantage of at the time. He also tapped into the streaming age and brought his skills to Netflix.

Jennifer Kent

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Jennifer Kent is an Australian director whose directorial debut, the babadook, it was hailed by critics as an interesting film in which its main villain doesn’t get a lot of screen time. Reddit user tatonla96 says the film “reminds me a lot of The Shining.” His next movie The Nightingale, is a horror thriller and also got rave reviews

Having your first movie compared to the glow is high praise for a director’s debut feature. the babadook it’s a great example of how a director builds suspense, but there’s never a big payoff. He was able to keep the viewer on the edge of his seat the entire time and is brilliant at inducing anxiety. His name is sure to be in the horror genre for a long time.

Alexander Aja

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Alexandre Aja has been working in horror for many years and directed the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. His other projects include horns, mirrors, Y Crawl.

Aja is known for adding a great plot twist to his movies, as the Redditor patrickularity puts it, “this guy loves goofy twists and crazy ideas.” Movies with a big twist are risky because if they don’t sit well with the audience, they could ruin the rest of the movie. However, Aja approaches his turns carefully to make sure she doesn’t lose the audience. The big twists may not be for everyone, but they definitely add some flavor to the movie.

you west

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One of Ti West’s first films, the devil’s house, it garnered rave reviews, including an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. His recent work has received much praise as in 2022 he released two films, X and its prequel, Pearl.

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A24 has recently announced the X The franchise is getting a third movie, and it will be interesting for fans to see West’s full slasher trilogy. Reddit’s theoretician credits West “for bringing back uncompromising cinema.” West doesn’t deviate from his original plan for a movie, and A24 has rewarded him with a series of horror films.

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Faith Alvarez

Fede Alvarez is a Uruguayan director and writer whose directorial debut was a remake of the horror classic, The bad death. Redditor Mst3Kgf says: “I don’t even consider this to be a remake… It’s just another entry in the franchise. And a very good one.” Álvarez then followed up with the surprise hit, do not breatheand also worked on the 2022 version of the The massacre in Texas.

This movie was also a surprise as modern remakes sometimes don’t do well. What makes Álvarez special is that he is capable of acting in many fields of terror, including the supernatural in the bad death and a slasher in The massacre in Texas. He also created a film that was gender bending in do not breathe. Fans are confident that, no matter the topic, Alvarez will perform well.

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Andy Muschietti

Andy Muschietti has recently made significant waves in the horror industry. His first horror feature film, Breast, was based on a previous short film of his. His most popular work, however, is the Stephen King adaptation. It’s. . Redditor Davemeddlehed says, “Overall I give the newer movie the edge” over the 1990 one It’s adaptation.

These movies were huge at the time and prove that Muschietti can be a master of horror. What makes him so compelling is that he was able to wrap an effective story around the horror that he creates. His work on It’s it brought not only the terrifying and terrifying world of Derry to the big screen, but also King’s story.

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