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The 10 Most Shocking Plot Twists In Superhero TV Shows

At its best, the most shocking plot revolves around superhero tv shows can transform a good show into something great. In the internet age, it’s hard for TV shows to hide secrets from the public, especially when it comes to superhero shows. Twists that are bound to blow viewers away, like Daredevil’s appearance in she hulkthey usually end up being pampered by internet hounds, forcing the creative team to reshuffle their shows.

While it’s hard for many superhero TV shows to wow audiences, there are a few that managed to pull off shocking plot twists in the not too distant past. Not all of these revelations have been monumental or even beloved, but there’s no denying that audiences were horrified by what they saw on screen. Here are the 10 most shocking plot twists in superhero TV shows.

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10/10 Everybody knows that Clemson Murn is a butterfly

Clemson Murn sitting in his apartment in Peacemaker

Peacemaker was one of the best shows of 2022. It gave depth to one of the suicide squadThe featured characters from , and managed to tell a compelling story about redemption while still being a riot of laughs. The Clemson Murn character helped drive that narrative.

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Murn was an ex-assassin forced to head up the Butterfly project, and as many fans predicted, he was a butterfly himself. What viewers didn’t expect was that Harcourt and Economos already knew this, and Subversion helped drive home the idea that the most reckless villains could change and work as forces for good.

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9/10 Hank Henshaw is J’onn J’onnz

Martian Manhunter costume on Supergirl

During Super Girls Inaugural season, the show introduced audiences to Hank Henshaw, a stern military figure who led the DEO in an effort to track down superpowered individuals. Since he shared the name of one of Superman’s most powerful foes, fans expected him to reveal himself as the big bad. However, the show surprised viewers in the episode “Human For A Day”, when he revealed himself as Martian Manhunter.

Beyond simply throwing a bat and a switch temporarily ending the CW’s streak of predictable plot twists, the Martian Manhunter reveal worked to expand the world of supergirl. He gave the titular hero an ally he could trust, and also paved the way for more comedic characters to appear.

8/10 Peter Parker married a clone of Mary Jane

Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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The Clone Saga is one of the most derided Spider-Man stories in comics, yet the then-recent arc was used as inspiration for one of Spider-Man: The Animated Series most impressive twists. Despite having been lost in an alternate dimension for one season, Mary Jane was mysteriously returned to Peter Parker at the end of Season 4 and the two were married soon after.

While many were willing to write off the return of Mary Jane as a gimmick to keep angry fans at bay, John Semper had a carefully crafted explanation for her return. In one of the boldest moves on the show, it was revealed that Peter had actually married a clone of Mary Jane that was created from Hydro Man’s DNA. The cruelest thing about it all was that the clone melted down in front of Peter’s eyes, to the horror of many children.

7/10 The penguin was Falcone’s puppet


Gotham city it was a completely absurd show for much of its run due to the attempt to match its grim tone and dilemmas about making compromises to protect the city with plots involving clones and people coming back from the dead. despite the ridiculous Gotham city was, he still managed to surprise viewers in his first season with the character of Oswald Cobblepot.

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Early in the show, Jim Gordon is tasked with running Carmine Falcone’s Cobblepot. However, because of his moral compass, he helps the low-level thief fake his death. Instead, this happy accident turned out to be one long con when it was revealed in “Penguin’s Umbrella” that Falcone had planned for Cobblepot to survive execution so he could return to Gotham and infiltrate Maroni’s gang without suspicion.

6/10 Morgan Chase is Superman’s brother

Superman and Lois Bizarro Tal-Rho and Bizarro Kal-El

superman and lois is perhaps the best written CW superhero show. The relationships and drama between the characters feel believable, the stakes are palpable, and the antagonists actually pose a threat to the Man of Steel. While some people saw the clever twist that “Lex Luthor” was actually John Henry Irons, few might have realized that corporate mogul Morgan Chase would end up being Superman’s half-brother. It was a shakeup of lore, but one that elevated the already compelling villain to the next level.

5/10 Ward worked for Hydra

Agents of SHIELD All of Madame Grant Ward Daisy Johnson's Men
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shield agents it was full of twists and turns throughout its seven seasons, many of which worked to heighten the show’s sense of excitement. However, neither live up to the very early reveal in the series that Grant Ward was an agent of Hydra. Beyond just connecting the winter soldier (one of Marvel’s best movies), the twist worked because viewers had come to see Ward as a stern but friendly member of the team. His turn was a punch to audiences who had slowly grown fond of the character, and it made the already deadly revelation that Hydra had been running SHIELD that much more terrifying.

4/10 Brainiac emerges from Lex Luthor

Brainiac and Lex Luthor combined in Justice League Unlimited

In justice league unlimited, Lex Luthor was mysteriously cured of the cancer that had previously afflicted him. Viewers knew it was a mystery for the show to explore, but few anticipated how game-changing it would be. In “Divided We Fall”, it is revealed that Brainiac had merged with Lex Luthor. The sight was horrifying, especially given Lex’s surprise at sensing Brainiac’s presence. The twist was made even more tempting by the fact that Brainiac had been inside Luthor’s body for years and had been subtly manipulating the egomaniac to achieve his goals.

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3/10 Jessica Jones is immune to Kilgrave’s powers

David Tennant on Jessica Jones Kilgrave's Possible MCU Return

Jessica Jones is easily one of Marvel’s best superhero shows thanks to Krysten Ritter’s gritty performance as the titular heroine and tense writing that kept viewers enthralled for three seasons. However, none compare to the first season, in which Jones faced off against Kilgrave, aka the Purple Man.

In the show’s debut season, viewers learned that the Purple Man had used his mind control powers to violate Jessica Jones’ free will in the past. This set people up to see how Jones could defeat the manipulative Purple Man, only for the show to reveal that Jones had somehow become immune to her powers. This explained why Kilgrave was so intent on tormenting Jones’ loved ones in the present.

2/10 victoria neuman is head popper

Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman in The Boys

One of the best mysteries set in Boys’ Season 2 was the identity of the leader, the super responsible for the death of Susan Raynor and many others. Many viewers deduced that a patient featured in “The Bloody Doors Off” was the killer, but in the season two finale, it was revealed that Victoria Neuman was the lead when she took out Alastair Adana.

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What makes the twist so potent is that it completely undid viewers’ perception of one of the few people the Boys could trust. Neuman was willing to risk her life to take down Vaught, only for it to be revealed in the final moments of the show’s second season that she was just another mole for the company.

1/10 Lenny is the king of shadows

aubrey square-legion

Legion it begins by setting up audiences not to trust anything they see. The story is told from the perspective of a schizophrenic mutant named David Haller, and the first episode finds Aubrey Plaza’s character killed when David supposedly switches bodies with someone else. Due to David’s mental state, many viewers assumed that the Aubrey Plaza character’s reappearance was an apparent manifestation of guilt. It was only towards the end of the first season that this projection was revealed to be instead an appearance of the Shadow King, an entity that invaded David’s mind when he was a baby. This makes it one of the most amazing. superhero tv show ever reveal.

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