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The 10 Most Terrifying 2022 Movie Villains

pearl and Barbarian The recent release in theaters around the world has sparked some spirited debates about the biggest villains 2022 has had to offer, and there are still a few months to go.

From horror movies to historical epics, 2022 was filled with nuanced antagonists with varying motivations, but their level of danger is crucial to how the story unfolds. De Gorr and Fjölnir by Christian Bale The Brotherless in the northerner a NopeJean Jacket, viewers have had plenty of reasons not to sleep at night this year, until now.

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Scott Buxton – RRR

It’s the end of September and RRR It remains arguably the most memorable action movie of the year, thus far, and the film’s reception was unanimously positive among critics and audiences. The film deals with a variety of different themes, such as love, imperialism, and friendship, told in an anxiety-inducing narrative filled with epic moments that Hollywood could only dream of ever achieving.

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Set in 1920, RRR follows two revolutionaries caught between love for their nation and the fight for justice. As the conflict escalates, Scott Buxton finds himself at the center as a ruthless, authoritarian governor who pulls all the strings to oppress the people who should rightfully lead the nation.

Gorr – Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: love and thunder It was one of the most divisive MCU entries in recent years, but it certainly offered a great performance from Christian Bale in the role of Gorr. Regardless of the many complaints about the film’s tone or its script, Gorr steals the show every time he appears on screen.

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A ruthless galactic assassin, Gorr’s main goal is to decimate all the gods, leading him to set his sights on Thor. Turned into a dangerous and enraged being after his daughter’s death, he would probably succeed in his mission if he wasn’t so attached to his bitter past.

Steve – cool

New it’s outrageously hilarious, at times, but it also manages to present horror elements in a stylish way, making the standalone film one of the most innovative horror films of 2022, thus far. Frustrated after countless romantic dates gone wrong, young Noa decides to take a chance on a charming stranger named Steve, whom she met at the grocery store. However, when her dangerous instincts are revealed, Noa gets more than she bargained for.

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Steve is as charming as he is evil. Ruthless and sarcastic, he is a cold-hearted predator who likes to play with his food. Thanks to Fresh’s black humor, it’s easier to like him than hate him, even though viewers don’t cheer him on at all.

The Green Man – Men

One of the creepiest entities A24 has ever featured, it’s hard to even define what the Green Man really is. Men it’s the kind of movie that uses horror as a vehicle to turn vague ideas and relevant metaphors about pain and psychological abuse into an atmospheric journey about moving on, centered around Harper’s character.

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As she heads into the remote countryside, a mysterious figure begins following her into the woods. Dead-eyed, completely naked and with mysterious scars on his skin, the Green Man seems harmless at first, until he becomes a terrifying shape-shifting entity immune to pain, turning Harper’s vacation into a complete nightmare.

Fjölnir The Brotherless – The Northman

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One of the most exciting Viking movies of recent years, the northerner it is a half-epic journey of thrilling action, half-prophetic full of mysticism and symbolism. In the film, a prince thought to be dead sets out to avenge the death of his father, mercilessly murdered by his own brother, Fjölnir.

The film offers great character development for Fjölnir, showing that even with his ruthless manner and hateful bitterness, he’s also a great father and a respectful warrior, making him a very nuanced villain. The final showdown between Prince Amleth and Fjölnir will definitely go down as one of the most incredible duels of this century.

Pearl – X

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X old woman

Pearl is such a memorable villain that she even got her own prequel, which came out the same year as X. When a group of amateur filmmakers stay on her farm to shoot a porn movie, Pearl and her husband reconnect with some insatiable instincts, including the thrill of the kill.

Taking down the gang members one by one, Pearl embodies classic slasher killers in the body of a woman in her 70s, delivering gruesome murders and possibly the most awkward sex scene in years.

Scarlet Witch – Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

Much speculation anticipated the Scarlet Witch’s role in the doctor strange sequel, and while some fans argue that her transformation into a villain was poorly executed, the level of danger she posed, not just to Doctor Strange’s world but to the entire multiverse, is undeniable. A terrifying on-screen presence, Wanda’s devastating abilities, combined with the power of the Book of Vishanti, introduced the most terrifying MCU villain since Thanos.

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Letting obsessive urges take over her head, Wanda interfered with the balance of the multiverses in a desperate attempt to reunite with her children. By killing several heroes and practically starting a war against the sorcerers, Doctor Strange had no choice but to corrupt her own power to level hers.

Jobu Tupaki – Everything everywhere at once

everything everywhere at once It offers a little bit of everything, from gripping action sequences across multiverses to an emotionally charged family drama. At the center of all this, mother and daughter represent the two extremes of a struggle to save the fate of the universe. On the one hand, Evelyn, an ordinary Chinese immigrant who discovers that she has the ability to travel through all the different versions of herself in the multiverse; on the other, there’s Jobu Tupaki, or Joy, who witnessed everything a human could know and now wants to throw the entire multiverse into an endless void of nothingness.

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Behind Jobu Tupaki’s selfish goal lies a repressed mother-daughter relationship and a nihilistic way of looking at existence. Her powers are beyond human comprehension, and she can shape and bend every multiverse she stumbles upon to her will, ultimately making her an oppressive villain, were it not for the sentimental weaknesses every human being has. .

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The Riddler – The Batman

the batman is one of the few superhero movies that managed to balance multiple villains in one concise narrative, and all of them had incredible highlights throughout the movie. But even with Falcone’s constant threat and Penguin’s deceitful intentions, the Riddler stands out as the most terrifying, managing to enact a plan that nearly dooms Gotham forever.

Operating in the shadows and masterfully drawing everyone, including Batman, into his twisted game, the Riddler exposed the threads of corruption that ruled Gotham City with brutality and rancor. Even when Bruce Wayne finally arrested him, it didn’t feel like the Riddler lost.

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Denim jacket – Yes

Jean Jacket isn’t just one of the scariest villains of the year, she’s also the most original. From the up-and-coming mind of Jordan Peele, Jean Jacket is an alien predator terrorizing a remote rural area of ​​California, hiding in the clouds and flying in from time to time to hunt down unsuspecting people or animals.

Peele brings a bit of new creature lore to the over-the-top sci-fi genre, adding his usual horror trademarks to establish a gripping atmosphere of suspense. What NopeAs the characters begin to understand how Jean Jacket acts, the story only gets better, using the unknown as an effective formula for success. It’s also worth mentioning that the legendary creature’s design was also done by Peele, turning the monster’s image into a stunning visual feast.

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