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The best Mickey Mouse Christmas shorts are not on Disney Plus

Growing up, nothing equaled the pleasure of seeing all my favorite Disney characters reunited at the end of Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowy in the Mouse House to sing “The Best Christmas Ever” together around a beautifully lit Christmas tree. This was, of course, before I knew fanfiction was a thing, so just seeing a mega crossover got me excited. Lumiere lighting the fireplace? Amazing. Jasmine and Aladdin flying on a magic carpet? Fantastic. Grumpy and the rest of the dwarves wishing for bunk beds for Christmas? Phenomenal cinema, cinema at its best.

That was the biggest trick of mouse house, a Disney Channel animated show centered on Mickey and friends running a dinner theater club: the fact that characters from various Disney animated properties attended the club and watched various Disney shorts. Some of these shorts were created specifically for the show, while others come from Disney history. But what was important was the fact that all the characters hung out and watched them together.

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a collection of Disney characters, including Genie, dumbo, simba and more, belting out a Christmas song

Image: Disney

The Christmas special, as the name implies, takes place on a night when all the guests are covered in snow. While Mickey is happy to be hosting longer, Donald is sulking against Christmas for an unspecified reason, so to cheer him up. upstairs, the gang decides to play their favorite Christmas shorts.

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Snowy in the Mouse House was not only my first exposure to several classic Mickey Mouse shorts, but also my first exposure to classic Christmas stories like A Christmas Carol Y The Nutcracker. All other adaptations of those stories will always pale in comparison to my first time. For me, the Ghost of Christmas Past will always be Jiminy Cricket and Uncle Drosselmeyer in The Nutcracker will always sound vaguely like Ludwig von Drake. Eventually, our VHS player broke and our viewings went to DVD… until that DVD player broke and the Christmas special was just a memory. When Disney Plus debuted, I was excited: I could finally spend the holidays watching my beloved childhood favorite.

Unfortunately, not a single episode of mouse house It’s on Disney Plus. The special itself it is available to rent for $7.99 on YouTube and Prime Video, but the fact that it wasn’t available on Disney Plus, a service I’m already paying for, bothered me. I thought maybe I could whip up a DIY version of the special, at least, using the shorts that are available on Disney Plus, but only two of them are! Hey, what’s up, Disney?

goofy as jacob marley haunting scrooge mcduck.  marley is a blue ghost with rattling chains in mickey's carol

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Image: Disney

Weather Mickey’s Christmas Carol Y Pluto Christmas Tree are on Disney Plus, the other three shorts are mysteriously absent. After doing some research, I found out that the other three shorts, a count of The Nutcracker starring Minnie; Donald participating in an ice skating race; and Mickey creatively decorating his house, all from a Disney series called mickey mouse works. This show aired from 1999 to 2000 and was designed to replicate the golden age of Disney animated shorts. Some of them were short ditties, others longer and based on classic tales (hence the Nutcracker a). None of them are available to stream. either rent anywhere!

Curiously, mouse house it essentially replaced this show when it started airing. The fact that none of them are available on Disney Plus, or anywhere else, is frustrating. Such is the state of modern broadcasting. While every media company wants their own individual service, there’s no guarantee that your own original content will appear on it. In some ways, there is more content than ever, but at the same time it is as accessible as ever and even more inaccessible than ever. Sure, there is a batch of shows and movies at your fingertips, but that very specific forgotten childhood favorite? The chances of stumbling upon it sitting on a video rental rack somewhere are low; the chances of him being on a streaming service are basically nil.

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Scrooge McDuck dressed as Ebenezer Scrooge looks through a frosted window with Jiminy Cricket in Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Image: Disney

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There are certain movies and shows that people only watch during the holidays. It is a tradition, as proven as making cookies or decorating a Christmas tree. But now that so many shows and movies are blocked and only released at the whim of corporate powers, some of that magic has been lost. When Apple took control of the Charlie Brown movies, a lot of people weren’t too keen on the fact that they would be streaming exclusives. Sure, this Disney special doesn’t have as passionate a fanbase as Charlie Brown, but man, is it sad that this beloved Christmas tradition is now inaccessible to me and so many others.

Maybe I should pay that $7.99 to rent it out and stop being such a Scrooge about paying more. Maybe you should embrace the harsh reality of the streaming wars as a fun vacation bonus. Or maybe I should put a DVD-VHS player combo on my Christmas list, hoping that Santa Claus will help me make my childhood favorites last a little longer.

Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowy in the Mouse House is available to rent on YouTube, Apple TV, Google Play and Prime Video.

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