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The Biggest Winter Boot Trends of 2022-2023: Uggs, Quilted Boots, and Sporty Thigh Highs

The Top Winter Boot Trends of 2022 2023 Uggs Puffer Boots and Sporty Thigh Highs

Hate it or love it, the countdown to winter begins now! While boot season kicks off in the fall, we don’t really gear up until those temperatures drop and call for multiple layers, wraparound scarves, and ultimately well-insulated footwear to brave chilly winds or fight snow. Part of nailing your winter wardrobe is making sure your shoe game is up to date to instantly update the rest of your outfit. Trust us, you can’t go wrong with any of these shoe trends:

new age uggs

The Ugg boot has made a slow but steady comeback in recent fall and winter seasons! This is due to a series of new styles and color combinations from Ugg over the past year, ranging from sandals to slides, slippers and various boots. Among the cool new designs is the Drizlita boot, a transparent boot that resembles the shape of the original Ugg and pairs perfectly with the brand’s range of colorful socks. The Drizlita is priced at $110 while the socks are $40 each.

Boots above the knee, but sporty

Over the knee boots are still in style this year! To bring your look up to date with the latest trends, we suggest getting creative in styling your thighs and doing it with a little twist, like a bold color, a patterned look, or giving it a Balenciaga-style sportswear twist. The brand’s popular knife boot has been given a makeover in the latest Balenciaga x Adidas collaboration, which debuted a three-stripe version of the heel priced at $2,550.

padded boots

Everything puffer is in right now, even puffy boots! While many iterations of the quilted boot exist, such as the Moon boot that everyone loved last winter, Ugg has now released the Classic Maxi Ultra Tall boot that can be zipped up to suit your fashion needs of the day. For $320, this all-in-one shoe will convert into a below-the-knee, mid-calf, ankle, or clog style.

Which one(s) would you use?

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Main Image: IG/Playback

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