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The Department of Justice Donald Trump with one devastating photo! – Perez Hilton

the hardest Donald Trump grumble about the raid on Mar-A-Lago, and the worse it gets in the public eye.

The Ministry of Justice He was visibly happy to do so calmly and with much more respect for the former president than he deserves. But every time he describes a search of his Palm Beach resort offices as “illegal,” a “witch hunt,” or something else, they are forced to strike back. And each time it becomes clearer and clearer just how clear it is that Donnie is in serious trouble.

In their final response to Trump late Tuesday night, the Department of Justice provided a few dozen pages walking the court — and the general public — through how the search began. It is an illustration that anyone can understand. But just in case a picture is included! We don’t care who you are, this picture couldn’t be more addictive.

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Well, this submission was in response to Trump’s demand for a “private master” – a third party – to go through the documents and determine which documents the government could view and which ones the POTUS could claim privilege. It looks like the judge in the case, Trump’s appointee, will grant it. However, the Feds are coming out swinging!

In the filing, they criticized Trump’s lien claim entirely, stating that these are government documents that “do not belong to him”! Also, he’s not boss anymore! It doesn’t have executive privilege, so WTF’s privilege is even trying to claim ??

The feds also explain how they actually had their own independent team with them in the first place to evaluate the documents – in fact, many of the documents Trump was in possession of were so secret that even this team wasn’t allowed to read them! The deposit reads:

“In some cases, even the FBI counterintelligence personnel and Department of Justice attorneys conducting the review requested additional clearances before they were allowed to review certain documents.”

And Trump wants someone else to read through it??

The 36-page filing also shows a last-minute order (after the last minute, really, as the documents have already been taken and sorted) follows the pattern of Trump and his team trying to delay and evade at every turn – and this “incomplete and inaccurate account” is only the latest A way to derail what has become a serious criminal investigation.

As they explain, they have given Trump opportunity after opportunity to do the right thing. At first they asked for documents, then they called. Supposedly Trump Personally Went through the docs. The Feds were told when they took their first 15-box run in June that there was absolutely nothing out of place at Mar-A-Lago. But 45’s lawyers “explicitly forbade government employees to open or look inside any of the boxes that remained in the storage room” to be sure.

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Girlfriends there. Come on. If your man says there’s nothing wrong with his phone but he refuses to let you look… what does that tell you??

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In a letter, Trump’s lawyers told the government they had received assurances that after “diligent research,” the former Breeze no longer had any classified material whatsoever at Mar-A-Lago.

This is when someone spilled.

As we’ve heard, the Department of Justice has witnesses who have told them that there are still classified material at all. It was this new evidence that prompted them to obtain a search warrant and return. Well, this and:

The government has also developed evidence that government records may have been concealed and removed from the storage room and that efforts were likely made to obstruct the government’s investigation.”

“It’s likely to get in the way.” Yes, this is definitely a crime. The government finally came, and hey, what do you know, they found a lot! They criticized Trump and his team’s uneasy reactions, saying:

“That the FBI, within hours, recovered twice as many documents with hashtags as ‘tireless search’ that the former president’s attorney and other representatives had weeks to make calls to seriously question the representations made in the June 3 testimony casts doubt over the cooperation in this matter.

“Three classified documents that were not in the boxes” were found in the “desks” of Trump’s personal office. This was not just storage. The guy was using them for something.

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And finally the inversion of grace – the image.

See for yourself!

The Department of Justice actually included this image to show everyone what Trump and his team claimed they couldn’t find despite a really hard search:

Trump documents in Mar-A-Lago
(C) Ministry of Justice

These are just a few of the documents seized by FBI agents. Yes… Watch how secret things are marked with such big and bold red And the yellow Warning stickers?? So they are impossible to miss! So no one mistakenly reads a top-secret document! And everyone who says Spinal cord injury real big? This means “Sensitive Segmented Information” – it can only be stored and displayed in a special room called SCIF! Trump was in the locker at his golf club!

If this isn’t evidence that Trump was lying about thinking there were no classified material there, we don’t know how much better it would be to explain.

Beyond that, the photo shows a little more than what’s clear as well. Note how much of it there is censored – it’s very secretive stuff after all. But the labels are not. People who understand these labels have discovered certain notifications on these labels about the contents of the files inside them. It includes human intelligence, as we heard before when we learned that he is under investigation for espionage, as well as national defense information from Spy plane and satellite software. These are national defense materials!

This couldn’t be more drying. It is there in the picture. There are very secret things. He lied about not being there. He couldn’t even be wrong.

If Trump is not accused of this, or at least obstruction if not on espionage charges, it will prove not only that there is no witch hunt against him, if any, everyone is leaning back. Not accused of committing crimes.

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And as we’ve seen before, that will only enable him to do more.

[Image via NBC News/YouTube/DOJ.]

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