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The Face Washes You Should Avoid If You Have Combo Skin—and What to Use Instead

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As for the types of face washes and cleansers you should avoid if you have combination skin, you’ll want to steer clear of anything too harsh. “The natural response to seeing excess oil and large pores is to think that using a harsh product to cleanse the skin will magically rid her of these concerns,” Tavernes says. “The truth is that those with combination skin have to be very selective when it comes to the cleanser they use. Once again, treating combination skin is all about balancing. Cleansers with strong, harsh ingredients can strip the skin of its oils. “Natural cleansers, which in turn stimulate the skin to produce more oil. When these cleansers are used on dry areas of the face, they can exacerbate skin tightening and flaking.”

When trying a new cleanser or face wash, Tavernise recommends waiting 10 minutes after washing your face before applying the rest of your routine. If your skin feels too tight, you are probably using a product that is too strong.

All in all (for both face wash and other products), you’ll want to steer clear of anything scented. “I would avoid using most oils on oily skin, especially those that are known to be comedogenic,” Marcus says. “Specific commonly used ingredients to avoid include coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm oil, and vitamin E oil. Although this list is certainly not exhaustive. I also avoid products that contain alcohol, which may exacerbate dry skin.”

To find out the best face washes and cleansers for combination skin, check out our list below.

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