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The former NBA player believes that Kyrie Irving should have publicly apologized for his recent controversy: “I think those voices will be just as strong, if not stronger.”

Kyrie Irving has removed the link to an anti-Semitic film on his Twitter account after the attention it has drawn starting last week. But the firestorm has not calmed down.

Former NBA player Jalen Rose said he is upset with the way the Brooklyn Nets and Irving have handled the situation. (That was before the Nets suspended Irving for at least five games without pay later Thursday.)

Irving appeared in front of the media on Thursday. Although he acknowledged his mistake, Irving did not publicly apologize while he was with the media.

Apparently, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Nets.

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“Such a failure to repudiate anti-Semitism when given a clear opportunity to do so is deeply disturbing, runs counter to the values ​​of our organization, and constitutes conduct detrimental to the team,” the Brooklyn Nets statement said. “Consequently, we are of the opinion that he is currently unfit to associate with the Brooklyn Nets.”

ESPN published a video of Irving’s appearance in the media. He did not apologize for the tweet.

“I take responsibility for posting that,” Irving said. “Some things that were questionable there, they’re not true. Like I said the first time I was asked when I was sitting on that stage, I don’t believe everything that everyone posts.”

Kyrie Irving stopped short of formally apologizing Thursday, as many in the Nets and the NBA expected to hear, for his controversial social media post about a book and movie featuring anti-Semitic tropes. @NickFriedell:

After that, Jalen Rose expressed concern that Irving would not publicly apologize for his actions. On her show, “Jalen & Jacoby,” Rose said the situation in Brooklyn continues to bother her.

“The reality of this is that even though (Boston Celtics coach) Ime Udoka was suspended for a year, the Nets may have bad PR for his hiring,” Rose said. “Ultimately, they’ve shown us that they’re trying to do one thing, and that’s win at all costs.”

“In this case, they’re showing, ‘We need to do what we can to make this go away. So, let’s put some money.’ Those voices, I think, are going to be just as strong, if not stronger.”

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In a joint statement Wednesday, the Nets organization and Kyrie Irving said both parties will donate $500,000 to anti-hate causes.

The Nets, Kyrie Irving and the Anti-Defamation League announce that Kyrie and the team will donate $500,000 each “to causes and organizations working to eradicate hate and bigotry in our communities.”

The Nets will play the Washington Wizards on Friday without their star point guard.

The Brooklyn Nets have announced the suspension of Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Kyrie Irving
Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Kyrie Irving

It seems the Nets organization has had enough of Kyrie Irving’s antics. With all the drama that has been attached to the franchise, the events surrounding Irving of late have added more problems than solutions. This includes his 2-6 start to the season, which resulted in the firing of Steve Nash on Tuesday.

Brooklyn has suspended Irving for at least five games without pay.

“We are of the opinion that he is currently unfit to associate with the Brooklyn Nets.” stated the Nets organization.

Nets statement on Kyrie Irving: “We are of the opinion that he is currently unfit to associate with the Brooklyn Nets. We have decided that Kyrie will serve an unpaid suspension until he completes a series of objective corrective measures…”

This all happened after he tweeted a link to a movie that had problematic shots about the Jewish community. Although Irving admitted to seeing the film, he denied endorsing it. During a back-and-forth interview with ESPN’s Nick Friedell over the weekend, the 2016 champion felt attacked and angry.

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Nets owner Joe Tsai brought up the Irving issue by promoting the troubled movie.

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