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The Good Nurse movie review & film summary (2022)

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Amy Logren (Chastine) is a nurse at an average hospital in New Jersey, trying to balance being a single mother with her high-stress job. This gets even more difficult when she’s diagnosed with a heart condition that can kill her if she doesn’t get a heart transplant in time. She keeps the diagnosis from her superiors, and stays at work because she hasn’t been there long enough to get the health insurance needed to deal with it. The heart problem aside adds a ticking bomb to “The Good Nurse” in that if a stressor about to happen causes Amy’s heart rate to rise, she could die.

She thinks the opposite will happen when she meets Charles Cullen (Redmayne), a new nurse who befriends Amy and offers to help her with her patients, even taking care of her children. At first, Charles seems like a lifeguard, a fellow who knows Amy’s secret, and wants to be there to help. Amy has no idea that the hospital, with icy Kim Dickens as its ruthless representative, alerted local authorities to a troubling case related to the inexplicable death of one of Amy’s patients. With a bit of a warning, a woman coded, and an abnormal amount of insulin was found in her system. It was clearly a double dose, and the hospital really only lets the police know so they can prepare for any legal responsibility. Investigating officers, played by Noah Emmerich and Nnamdi Asomuga, began digging a little deeper and found Mr. Cullen’s disturbing work history involving nine other hospitals, all of which he left as rumors spread. And then another EMI patient dies.

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Was Charles Cullen, who is confirmed to have killed at least 29 people, but who suspect they may have numbered in the hundreds, caught without the guts of someone within the system? The truth is that the horrific processes of the lawsuit that hired and fired Colin came no close to fulfilling her moral duties, leading a serial killer to his next victim. As long as this kind of business transcendence principle existed, Colin could continue. Lindholm was clearly drawn to the hero arc of this true story, the one person who broke the pattern by helping the authorities, even though she had a lot to risk doing so.

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