The Rams were reportedly circling like sharks in preparation for Jimmy Garoppolo’s release.

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The Rams were reportedly all over Jimmy G's.

The Rams were reportedly all over Jimmy G’s.
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According to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Rams and Jimmy Garoppolo “An agreement was madeIf the 30-year-old QB was released by the San Francisco 49ers. Now hearing this, if it is indeed true, is not surprising. Under head coach Sean McVay, the Rams have built their team on star power, making the most of it. Salary cap be damned; McVay’s Rams always find a way.

Schefter also reported that San Francisco didn’t know about the alleged backdoor deal until they did. Reorganization Garoppolo’s contract. If this were the NBA, we’d be hearing the ‘T’ word like darts at the local pub. Tagging isn’t such a big deal in the NFL, as we rarely hear it referenced. The NFL has what they call “legal tampering.” Durationbut teams are prohibited from talking to soon-to-be free agents before the period begins.

But there’s more to this story than just Ramsay’s timid behavior. While it would have been a Rams-like move to pounce on Jimmy G, it raises more concerns about Matthew Stafford’s arm situation. Stafford is dealing with elbow tendinitis after undergoing a procedure following the team’s Super Bowl win last season.

Stafford threw three interceptions in Thursday night’s season opener against Buffalo where L.A. was well handled by the Bulls 31-10. The Rams were shut out through three quarters, scoring all 10 points in the second period. There were a few errant passes from Stafford, though he completed 70 percent of his attempts.

Signing Garoppolo could signal another major problem in the Rams locker room. Arms of Stafford may be in a more severe condition than they have led one to believe. There was already a big target on the Rams as the defending champions, but now, with Stafford’s uncertainty, that bullseye is bigger than ever.

If Stafford’s injured arm continues to be an issue, keep an eye on LA as they may opt to bring in another QB. Fortunately for the Rams, playing the opener on Thursday night means they get 10 days of rest between Weeks 1 and 2. And next Sunday, another 0-1 team visits Couch in the Atlanta Falcons. Their QB2 is John Wilford, but he was in the building when they were planning for Jimmy G.

If Stafford misses time this season, McVay shouldn’t be sold on filling in for Wolford. Maybe McVay will try to finish off Cam Newton and give him one last chance since he’s in right now. Free agent limbo.

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