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The Rings Of Power Episode 6’s Explosive Ending Explained

Warning: The Rings of Power episode 6 spoilersWhat the hell is going on in Eru’s final moments? the rings of power episode 6? After weeks of slow build setup, Amazon’s the rings of power he finally pulls the trigger on his battle for the Southlands. The orc army of Adar have targeted this male-populated region and have taken it upon themselves to move in…after evicting the locals, of course.

The southerners are hardly a match, but luckily the true king of the land befriended the only elf in Middle-earth whose mission is to destroy all of Morgoth’s servants. More fortunate still, Halbrand and Galadriel encountered an army of Númenóreans ready to join the fight, and thanks to these timely reinforcements, the Southlands were saved from the Orcs of Adar.

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Unfortunately, the celebrations are premature. As the soldiers bask in tankards of ale and the stench of rotting orcs, the Southlands roar violently. A torrent of torrential water and moist smoke erupts followed by fire, darkness, and fissures in the ground. This is what really happened in the rings of power The end of episode 6.

When Waldreg Gets The Black Sword (And Why Him)

the rings of power The tragic twist ending of episode 6 begins when a shocked Theo discovers that the precious bundle recovered during the battle was not. the rings of power‘s mysterious black sword hilt, but an ordinary axe, with the real artifact secretly in Waldreg’s possession. Although the delivery is not shown on screen, Adar must have changed elements when he first heard the hooves of the Númenórean cavalry.

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Leaving Tirharad’s tavern just before the Númenórean army attacks, Adar mentions a “taskfor Waldreg, but details are left unsaid and the southern renegade disappears for the rest of the battle. Before Númenórean steel met orc flesh, Adar must have quickly given Waldreg the sword and told him where Waldreg then slipped away Quietly as the battle raged Adar is seen riding a horse with the “sword”, but his escape is a calculated maneuver to trick Galadriel into chasing a half-blunt ax while Waldreg slips by unseen with the real deal.

It is no coincidence that Adar chose Waldreg, a newcomer to his sinister operation, for this task. Using the sword requires the user to summon his magic sword using his own blood as a sacrifice, but as Theo’s attempts demonstrate, there is a certain skill to this trick. Since Waldreg is the only person other than Theo to actually use the weapon (he was the one who hid it in the first place), the Southlands tavern owner is already adept at drawing the inner sorcery out of the blade, which he does effortlessly. during the rings of power Final moments of episode 6.

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The Rings Of Power Reveals Black Sword’s True Purpose

Previously in the rings of powerIsmael Cruz Córdova’s Arondir explained that the black sword hilt was a “wrench“Imbued with ancient and dark magic from the age of Morgoth, and also pointed to an identical weapon embedded in the walls of the Elves’ Ostirith tower. Arondir needed only to look a little lower and the answer would have been revealed. Beneath the sword In Ostirith there is a suspiciously sword-shaped slot that Adar must have known existed beforehand.Theo’s black sword serves as a key to this very slot, and turning it collapses the stone dam built in the Ephel Dúath Mountains. , unleashing a cascade of river water from top to bottom.

an important question the rings of power leaves unanswered who created this cataclysmic keyhole, because it probably wasn’t the Wood Elves watching over Ostirith. the rings of power The Southlands were already revealed to be controlled by Morgoth during the First Age, so one can only assume that the geographical trap was left by either Sauron or Morgoth himself as part of his contingency plan to regroup in the Southlands. in case of defeat. The Elves of Ostirith never noticed it or assumed it was just a convenient support for their arrows. Either way, the keyhole location adds another reason why Southlands was specifically chosen.

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The Rings Of Power Explains The Orc Tunnel Mystery

Ever since Adar came to the Southlands, his Orcs have been busy digging underground tunnels, one of which confirms: “The tunnel is complete, my Lord” in the rings of power episode 5. Meanwhile, the captured humans and elves were forced to dig trenches above ground. Initially, southerners (and most viewers) would have assumed that these tunnels were made for the purpose of sneak attacks, as an orc attacked Theo in his house by appearing through the floorboards. . the rings of power Episode 6 reveals a deeper purpose behind the Adar underground excavation project: a waterway.

After Waldreg uses Theo’s black sword to free the river through the Ephel Dúath, the torrent rushes towards the tunnels prepared by the orcs. the rings of powerThe last five episodes. This water then gushes through the trenches that Arondir and his fellow inmates were digging, and it quickly becomes clear that the purpose behind all these gullies was to open a path for the water to flow from Ostirith to a nearby volcano.

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The Southlands are turning into Mordor (Udûn explained)

who is the mastermind the rings of powerThe plan of the black sword, be it Morgoth, Sauron, or Adar, was ultimately intended to have the river water flow under a massive volcano near Tirharad, triggering an eruption that devastates the nearby plains and turns the Southlands into a wasteland where nothing grows and nothing good lives. The smoke rising from the volcano creates a plume of blackness that gradually covers the Southlands and blocks out the sun. In The Lord of the rings, Mordor is well known for its permanent darkness, no matter if it is day or night. That darkness seems to begin with Waldreg’s twist of a sword hilt in the rings of power episode 6, which means that this explosive ending represents the founding of Mordor.

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Confirmation comes as the captured Orcs begin to sing “Udunin unison (also the episode title). In Tolkien lore, Udûn is a huge valley in Mordor stretching from the northwest corner to Isenmouthe. the rings of powerThe destruction of the Southlands shows precisely how that huge valley was carved, but more importantly, it means that the volcano that activates Waldreg’s black sword is almost certainly Mount Doom, where the Single ring.

JRR Tolkien writes little about what Mordor was like before Sauron’s Second Age rule, and even less about how the Dark Lord made it his home. The Lord of the rings‘appendices and the silmarillion it only specifies that once Sauron re-emerged in Middle-earth after Morgoth’s defeat, he settled in Mordor and set about building the battlements and fortifications seen all over the world. The Lord of the rings. Sauron’s presence and magic are said to have turned Mordor into a blackened, barren desert. the rings of power adds its own embellishments to Tolkien’s narrative, revealing the sad chain of events that led to the creation of Mordor.

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What’s next for Rings Of Power’s Southlands?

Many viewers would have naturally assumed that Adar has been carrying out Sauron’s will, but the rings of power Episode 6 drops a big bombshell. Joseph Mawle’s evil elf states that he and Sauron had a disagreement over the treatment of orcs, with Sauron willing to experiment on his soldiers and Adar feeling fatherly and protective. Adar believes that he killed Sauron during this confrontation, and while the rings of power viewers will know he’s dead wrong, the conversation shows that Adar and Sauron aren’t necessarily on the same page in terms of their goals. Adar seeks to create a suitable homeland for the Orcs (hence the cover of darkness), while Sauron will seek to re-establish rule over Middle-earth.

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Because the intentions of Adar and Sauron do not align, the future of the Southlands in the rings of power it’s unclear Adar doesn’t exactly have many Orcs to resettle thanks to the Númenóreans. Sauron, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found, giving the orc father a chance to take over the newly transformed land he helped create.

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Why doesn’t Galadriel run away from the Rings Of Power volcano eruption?

One of the most curious elements of the rings of power The ending of episode 6 is Galadriel’s reaction compared to everyone else’s. As the Southlanders and Númenóreans flee from the flying chunks of molten rock, Galadriel simply stands and watches as black ash and fire wash over her. Although Galadriel’s strange reaction is hard to fathom, one interpretation is that she is despondent at the realization that Sauron’s forces have just bested her. Galadriel has dedicated her life to quelling the darkness in Middle-earth, and the Southlands is the closest she’s ever come to achieving that goal. Just as Galadriel begins to savor the taste of great victory, her torn landscape forces her to accept complete and utter failure in protecting the Southlands, as well as a demoralizing blow to her thirst for revenge. In this time of misery, the rings of powerGaladriel doesn’t really seem to care if she lives or dies.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power continues Thursday/Friday on Prime Video.

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