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The Shining’s Bear Man Is The Film’s Biggest Mystery: Here’s What It Means

Triggers of sexual abuse

the glow it’s full of allegory and mystery, but neither is as savage and potentially insidious as what might be lurking behind that strange man in a bear costume. Stanley Kubrick’s iconic Stephen King adaptation is intentionally dense and even absurd at times. But the glowThe werebear has a disturbing and specific implication.

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At first glance, the scene seems brief and, frankly, somewhat forgettable given all the other intense imagery in Kubrick’s classic. In the scene, Wendy Torrance (Shelley Duvall) is wandering the halls of The Overlook Hotel with a knife as she approaches a door at the end of a long hallway. Inside, a man in a bear costume performs fellatio on one of the Overlook’s guests. Wendy appears to be completely disturbed by this and runs away from her.


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Although strange and somewhat out of place, this scene also exists in the book, but it involves a man dressed as a dog performing sex with one of The Overlook’s owners, who was bisexual. It is no secret that Kubrick’s opinion on the glow deviated heavily from Stephen King’s novel (in fact, Stephen King hates The Shining, somewhat notoriously), but film scholar Rob Ager delved into what Kubrick may have been hinting at with the glowThe werebear, which the novelization did not clarify.

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The Werebear from The Shining Has Extremely Disturbing Implications

Stanley Kubrick’s films are known for leaving hints and foreshadowing, as well as hints that signify some sort of deeper meaning, usually tied to psychological conditions, phenomena, or theories. the glow It’s no different, and if Rob Ager’s theory is correct, it could explain a much darker nature to the relationship between Danny Torrance (Danny Lloyd) and his father, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson). It seems ridiculous on the surface, but Ager’s in-depth analysis points to some very compelling evidence of sexual abuse.

One of the most persuasive is the reappearance of bear symbolism. For example, during the scene where Danny talks to his psychiatrist, he is lying on top of teddy bears. In The Overlook Hotel, there is a picture of two bears above Danny’s bed, and there is a bearskin rug featured in the lobby. This provides a clear association between the bears and Danny Torrance. Enthusiastic viewers have pointed out before that the question of Playgirl The magazine that Jack Torrance is reading in one scene has an article titled “Incest: Why Parents Sleep With Their Children” featured on the cover. connecting the dots, the glowThe werebear and his partner could be stand-ins for Danny and Jack.

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What really happened in room 237?

Danny’s experience in room 237 occurs when a ball rolls into the room, and Wendy comes to his rescue after hearing him scream with the claim that a “crazy woman” strangled him. the glow‘s Room 237 is known to have a female specter, as mentioned when Jack encounters a woman in the bathroom. Ager suggests that Danny’s experience in room 237 was his way of externalizing the abuse on him and that it was his father who assaulted him. The ball itself appears in another scene with Jack throwing it against a wall in the hotel lobby.


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Super Dark The Shining Theory Reveals That The Story Is In Wendy’s Head

Ager cites Jack’s experience in room 237 as evidence that he is abusing his son. In his theory, he claims that, inside the room, Jack comes face to face with the truth of what he has been doing to Danny after he has been in a dissociated state, previously unaware of his own feelings. horrible actions of him. All of this corresponds to Wendy’s horrified reaction to seeing the werebear in the hallway, which Ager suggests may or may not imply that she realized, at the time, what was happening to Danny in the first place. the glow movie. Ultimately, it’s all speculation, but Ager’s convincing proof unravels the mystery of the werebear nonetheless.

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the glow The brief moment of intimacy in the film between the man in the bear costume and his partner has a different context behind it in King’s book. In the book, the man in a suit is actually Horace Derwent, the mysterious owner of the Overlook Hotel, and the man in the suit (who is a dog in the book) is Roger, a former lover of his. The novel provides the story of Roger and Horace as an example of the atrocities that have occurred at the hotel; in a cruel act of dominance, Horace ordered Roger to attend one of the hotel’s balls in costume and behave like a dog to the other guests. The sighting of the couple in the novel, then, doesn’t have much to do with Danny and Jack Torrance, at least not as clearly as in Ager’s analysis of the film. Either way though, it’s a haunting moment in the glowas the dynamic between the two men is awkward, to say the least.

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