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The Smurfs Go Kart Racing In Strange New Gameplay Trailer


A new racing game, called Kart Smurfis on its way to Nintendo Switch. The Smurfs have been in video games since 1982, with Smurf: Rescue at Gargamel’s Castle for the Atari 2600. Today, the smurfs license is owned by IMPS, a licensing company created by the daughter of smurfs creator Pierre Culliford, who has been working with publisher Microids to create new Smurf games.

Several Smurfs video games, two of which have yet to be announced, will be released in the coming years. In 2021, the French publisher Microids announced on Twitter that four Smurf the games were in development. One of those games was The Smurfs – Vileaf Mission, which was released later that year and received very positive feedback from players. Microids said that the other three games would be released over the course of five years, with this racing game likely to be the second in that lineup.


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The Smurfs will continue its line of new games with a kart racing game, Kart Smurf. As announced in a Microids press release, the trailer for Kart Smurf was released, in which players were introduced to “Smurfs Racing School.” The “racing school” then proceeds to go into detail about what Kart Smurf characteristics and how it reproduces. The game includes twelve different race tracks that feature familiar locations to Smurf fans, like the Smurfs’ village and Gargamel’s house. There are also twelve playable Smurf characters, including fan-favorite Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Handy, and Hefty. smurfsI like it assassin’s Creedis a major franchise with many characters and places to draw inspiration from, and several of them are showcased here.

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New Smurf Racing Game Features Familiar Characters And Courses

Kart Smurf is packed with mechanics that fans of other kart racing games will be familiar with, like getting the timing right to start the kart engine for a speed boost at the start of the race. Special elements, secret shortcuts, boosts placed throughout the track, ramps and drifts to help make difficult turns are also present. However, in addition to regular items like acorns and bubbles, each Smurf has a special item that is completely unique to them. Players will be able to compete solo or in 4-person local multiplayer, or attempt to beat “Time Challenges” to compete for a spot on the online leaderboards. fans of Mario Kart Y F-zero you are sure to quickly get a comfortable feeling for the game.

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With familiar yet beloved mechanics, this go-kart game looks like it will have solid gameplay in a bright and fun environment. It’s vibrant, colorful and full of an innocent sense of fun. smurfs is known for. Kart Smurf will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2022, with a “Turbo Edition” also available and including fun extras like an embroidered Papa Smurf patch and sticker sheets.

Source: Microids/YouTube

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